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Celebrity Chefs Recipes: Jen Biesty’s Squash Blossom Flatbread



– [Narrator] Celebrity Chefs is brought to you by (grungy guitar music) (chiming tones) (upbeat music) – Hi, I'm Jen Biesty, I'm chef/owner of Shakewell restaurant and I'm gonna make today a flatbread with squash blossoms Flatbread is basically if you take your overproofed pizza dough and you roll it out super thin and then you put, like, delicious ingredients on it and bake it in the oven and it's like cracker crunchy

So we'll start with pizza dough Three cups of all purpose flour Now, if you have double 0 flour, which is pizza flour use that It's three and then two of everything Two teaspoons salt, yeast, and then olive oil And we have a cup of water So it's three

three sets of twos and a one (grinding) And we turn that on And then we're just gonna add the water If it seems like it's a little dry, you can add a little bit more water

So I'm gonna take this, let's take a look See how we're doing, cause you don't want to over-process the dough See how it looks kinda crumbly, still moist though, right? I think we're good, dump this out here And then we'll just give it a little knead just need a little knead Now we got a nice ball of dough We'll cut it in four so we can make four nice little pizzas

Tuck and pat the dough, make a nice little, little ball (pan clangs on counter) Lookin' good Give it a little love, dough love I'm just gonna do a little drop I'm gonna put the oil on here so that it doesn't dry out, we want it to be able to grow, and not get sticky and stuck

Use the plastic wrap like a little blankie, tuck it in And then we're just gonna set this aside, at room temperature for two hours Time has past and we have some nice dough, you could see how it's soft now, ready to be rolled out Like a pizza, you could stretch the dough Just start with a little bit of flour

But we want this to be flat (smacks dough) More like a cracker, this flatbread So I'm gonna go ahead and use a rolling pin (upbeat music) Keep an ample amount of flour on your rolling pin and your board You could pull it a little bit with your hands, you know, put some muscle into it, give it a little push

You can see how thin it is, okay, little paper thin, right? This is creme fraiche And creme fraiche has a little tang to it Go all the way to the edges Then, we get our beautiful squash blossoms, lay them out so pretty I usually pull these little, little spiny bits off Okay and then let's put one here in the middle A flower on there, alright that looks beautiful

Gonna take an ample amount of parmesan cheese go all the way to the edge, okay, all the way to the edge Gonna put a tiny bit of flour on here Here we go, or you can just build it on here, that would probably be a little bit easier I've preset the oven at 450 and I have a pizza stone in the oven You can easily just a cookie sheet, if you have a cookie sheet

If you are gonna do that, um, make sure you put a good amount of flour on the base And this is gonna cook fast, 8 – 12 minutes Alright, whoo, that's pretty We're gonna finish this, not too much, truffle oil's really strong But a little bit is really really nice on here

Then we'll put a little tiny bit of chili flake and then some good old Maldon sea salt You know, I love this flatbread, and people love it (crust crunches) and I'm so happy to share this recipe with you, to help you be a good cook and make other people happy Fresh out of the oven, squash blossom flatbread, finished with sea salt and truffle oil It's delicious (crunches) mmm really good Mmmm! (happy, upbeat music)

Source: Youtube

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