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Celebrity Chefs Recipes: Traci Des Jardins's Quick Pickled Spring Mushrooms and Vegetables



(upbeat music) – Hi, I'm Traci Des Jardins I run an eclectic group of restaurants and I'm a restaurateur and chef from San Francisco

Pickles, they can be anything, really I started up doing a lot of jalapeno escabeche with cauliflower and that kind of stuff Mushrooms are one of the things I really like to pickle I really love the wild mushrooms, the morels and the chanterelles Technically, it's like an escabeche, because I sear the mushrooms

Wild mushrooms you do need to wash Sometimes people say that you should only brush them I tend to wash them, just give them a quick rinse, you don't want to put 'em in water and soak them Wash them as quickly as you can, get them out of the water and drying a bit Cut the little butt off the mushroom

Depending on the size here I will quarter or halve them You can also use domestic mushrooms, brown or cremini These mushrooms can last in the fridge for quite some time Definitely two, three weeks, they never last that long in my fridge because we tend to eat them Let my pan get nice and hot

While that pan's heating up I'm gonna cut my other vegetables So this is a fennel, it's this big core in the middle which I'm gonna just cut out before I slice it This is a really pretty dish, so you wanna kinda be careful when you're cutting everything, kind of a little bit larger pieces, not super, super fine There's the fennel My pan is nice and hot, and I'm gonna add some oil

Stick my mushrooms in there and give 'em a nice sear While those are sizzling away, I am gonna cut my onions Again, I wanna cut off the root end of it You can see the mushrooms are releasing their water and the pan completely cooled down You wanna let that liquid absorb back into the mushrooms rather than draining it

They'll reabsorb that liquid as it goes I'm gonna add a little bit of salt at this point Had I added the salt earlier, they would have just flooded with water I'm gonna add a little bit more oil to the pan so that I can get a little color on these I have some nice pretty little carrots slicing them into kind of oblong, bias cut

Pretty pieces and these lovely little red carrots Okay, gonna prepare my pickling brine while my mushrooms are continuing to sear here So this is half water, one part vinegar and some red verjus This is the unfermented grape juice, high acid, it's got a little bit of sweetness, it would turn into wine eventually Some champagne vinegar, water, nice little brown caramelization on the mushrooms

Put them into a bowl I'm going to bring my brine to a boil now I'm gonna add these peppercorns and salt, a bay leaf to my brine Now I've got my brine solution boiling and I'm gonna add my beautiful colored carrots to it along with my onions and fennel I'm just gonna let it kinda come back up to a boil so that it has like a little bit of a shocked a little bit and then I'm gonna add it all into with my mushrooms

Vegetables have soaked in there for about a minute and I'm gonna take the whole solution and pour that in with my mushrooms I'm going to add my picked Italian parsley and my tarragon Give it a good stir, mix everything in, distribute the herbs around I'm gonna give it a little taste, just to check for the amount of salt And it's totally delicious

I love to serve these as a little snack before dinner or they can go on the dinner table They're wonderful as just a sort of side condiment for dinner, but I really like them as an hors d'oeuvre You can serve them with maybe a nice cheese in there And here we have our beautiful pickled chanterelles and vegetables (quiet, calm guitar)

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