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Celeriac and Veloute Soup Recipe – Cooking with Bosch



Celeriac Veloute Part 1: Celeriac Charcoal Salt Peel 250g of Celeriac Place the Peelings on a baking tray Cook in an Oven at it lowest setting overnight to dehydrate Take the dehydrated Cleriac Peelings out from the Oven next morning Turn the Oven up to 180 degree celsius] Roast the Peelings till they turn dark brown Allow the roasted Peelings to cool Once the peelings have cooled, blend them with the Mill Grinder Attachment Select level '2' Once the Peelings have cooled, blend them with the Mill Grinder Attachment Mix the Celeriac Powder with Salt to a 2:1 ratio Keep in an airtight container in a cool dry place Part 2: Soup Dice the Celeriac into 1cm Chunks Melt 80g of Unsalted Butter in a pot add in 250g of Diced Celeriac Add in 3g of salt and Celeriac Powder Mixture Stir and cover the pot with cling wrap cook over medium heat Lower the heat slightly when the pot starts steaming up Cook for another 10 minutes Remove the cling wrap Add in 150g of Cream Continue to cook till the celeriac is soft Pour the Mixture into a blender Blend the Mixture Add mineral water to the mix till it reaches your preferred soup consistency Add in 10g of Truffle Oil Heat the soup gently for serving Drizzle a little Olive oil over the top Sprinkle a bit of Cleriac Charcoal Salt to finish Serve with Fresh Sourdough Toast

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