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Celeriac Remoulade Recipe – Cooking with Bosch



Celeriac Remoulade Peel 250g of Celeriac Slice the Celeriac using a Mandolin Slicer to 2mm thickness Cut the slices into matchsticks Season the Celeriac Matchsticks with 3g of Salt Leave it to sit at room temperature for 30 minutes After 30 minutes, the Celeriac will look shiny and slightly softer Squeeze the Excess Water from the Celeriac Mix Add 50g of cream cheese to the mixer bowl 50g of sour cream 15g of whole Grain Mustard 5g of English Mustard 10g of White sugar Select speed '5' or '6' on the Kitchen Machine Beat the ingredients with the Paddle Attachment till smooth Pour the Mixture into a clean bowl Mix in the Celeriac Matchsticks Chill the mix in the fridge for 30 minutes before serving Serve with Cured Meats or a Grilled Chink of Fish

Source: Youtube

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