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Chapati Recipe MYVIRGINKITCHEN featuring Sweet Cumin Cookery School



Hi folks it's Barry from My Virgin Kitchen and i'm here today with Bini from sweet cumin Cookery School and we're making some amazing chapatis or they're called roti lets go they look amazing don't they and Bini here showed me exactly how to make them so you can have a go at home too so what are the ingredients we need all you need is some chapati flour, vegetable oil and hot water from the kettle that's been warmed first step to the chapati is you need to make the dough yes so you need to add your flour to your bowl drizzle some oil with over the top of that flour

can that be any oil vegetable oil or rapeseed oil any those okay will be perfect but not olive oil yep you then use your hand one hand only and give it a mix so you mix it in and then from there you use hot water you need to make a well with your hands and then add the water just allows the dough to form better sometimes when you use the cold water it just makes it really stretching and difficult to handle so if you want to make your own homemade Stretch Armstrong toy use the cold water yeah exactly sorry so once you've got your dough roughly formed you can start to shape it kinda like the scene from the film ghost just imagine this is a scene from ghost you've got the dough there instead make sure when you've made dough that your whole bowl is nice and clean and tidy and take about a teaspoon of the oil and place over the top and then you gonna knead that in so it's nice and smooth and that's what you want a lovely smooth dough you kinda grab the creases and push them in with your thumbs, yeah push it in and you want that lovely smootheness around the edges get your pan nice and hot and then slap the chapati on top slap it wait for it to go from white to brown twist with your fingertips so it cooks evenly it is important not to puncture it at this point with your nails once it bubbles flick it over using your fingertips and so it cooks evenly on the other side with your chapathi done both sides grab the metal rack which is like a really cool thing you could make your own could you you could use an old coat hanger that's amazing get an old coat hanger, don't buy a metal rack and do this yeah high five yeah whooooo yeah general laughter over trying to give high fives I can't believe how delicious those chapatis are really hope you give them a try right please check out bini's website and here's a question for you if you were to make chapati's would you get all the honey down your shorts like me you may have seen my groin sorry about that what would you put on your chapati let me know below and i'll see you next time cheers

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