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Charcoal Quinoa Pizza with Cashew Cheese – vegan & gluten-free



hi hope you asked my recipe for quinoa activated charcoal pizza with cashew cheese it's quite a simple recipe I love it as it's all from scratch it's just basically a mixture of blending baking covering and baking again the charcoal is really for aesthetic reasons it does have some medicinal benefits I mean it's known to help with poisoning and for cleaning your teeth and whitening them and removing stains I think this is supposedly because it's got a really high surface area so it's good at absorbing things so they say if you have some toxins it can be good to absorb the toxins to help them pass through you obviously that's no medical device whatsoever obviously go to hospital if you've been poisoned but they say it has helped some people in the past and also if they say it can be good for bloating so sometimes they say a small amount of food can help people out but it's here just really for aesthetic reasons it was quite a big 2 years ago I did actually do a recipe for a cashew charcoal ice cream back then it didn't go down too well I think it was a bit more grey than anything but I had a nice pizza – in London that was an activated charcoal base and that was a wheat one so I'm just creating a naturally gluten free quinoa so this is my version of that as this is quite a small pizza recipe the final pizza only serves two people it's what I would recommend to do is to double up there all the ingredients split the batter into two for the base and just in one of them still in the activated charcoal and you don't leave it white see then you can have two bees then they look great having one the activated charcoal and one just the normal one you can make this nut free by just using some seed instead sunflower or pumpkin seeds work really well just do soak and sprout these because unlike cashew nuts they work a lot better when they're soaked and sprouted and they're much easier for the body to digest and absorb this recipe is a bit of a different one for nesting below is there's no turmeric in a nest and glow recipe I use it pretty much in every say recipe and quite a few sweet recipes just to add a bit of color the golden colour and nutrition as to your make has so many health benefits they're not yet fully understood and it's so inexpensive I buy it and a big kilo sack there just add a pinch here and there and I feel like it does a lot of good and it can't any harm I was intending for these cashew cheese to be blopps in there I did out a bit too much water probably cuz they wanted to make a really smooth and creamy cashew cheese for this so in the end I started in blobs I thought this isn't gonna work so just spread it all in one go and it looks good I was happy the finals are it's not this most aesthetic beats are out there but it does taste good it's all about simple easy recipe if you do have more time until on a longer recipe I've got one for one with cashew mozzarella which had a bit of tapioca starch to and cook first and that does look a bit better but it does take a bit more time so it's up to you the video should pop up for that one just now did ask my Instagram followers if I should Photoshop the final results did show some pictures showing like some bits and pieces the cheese and sauce they're mixing the black which it still it great but it just didn't look really aesthetic it wasn't the cover of a magazine for instance but um two-thirds said don't Photoshop it so I'm not going to photoshop it at all the same with the basil leaves you know existed in the videos and the pictures they look a bit a bit bit past their best just cuz the residual heat and I put them on and are spending probably half an hour an hour I don't know how it takes so long to take photos but it seems to and in that time it had gone from quite a viberent green to a bit brown but a bit that it looks good maybe not as good but anyway I'm leaving it and I don't my Photoshop skills are quite up to photoshopping believes so I'm I'm quite happy people said don't do it two-thirds did at least obviously my videos they had never Photoshop because I just don't have the time or energy or money to make any changes today I hope you liked this recipe how many comments questions leave them below and I'll get back to you and give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and subscribe for more like this as this is quite a small piece of recipe their final the final pizza only really serves two people you

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