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Hey everyone welcome back! I know generally I'm not a huge slow cooker fan Usually I think anything I can make in a slow cooker, I can do it in a Dutch oven in the oven better, but this recipe seems to be very slow cooker friendly

So I thought I'd give it a try and of course give it a try means I sort of put my own spin on it and made changes and all the way through These are apparently called Charro Beans 'Cowboy Beans' I'll give them a taste and see what I think

These are really good! Here's what I did: I started out in a little frying pan, and cooked up about a half pound of our homemade bacon While the bacon was frying I minced up a couple of onions Now I've eaten this dozens of times if not hundreds all over Mexico, North to South, East to West and every time I have it it's completely different Sometimes there's chorizo, sometimes there's even hot dogs! Different types of beans, different types of flavouring Always called Charro beans, always fantastic, there is no wrong way to make this

I chopped up a few jalapeño peppers, I leave the seeds in the jalapeños, I kind of like that heat, I like that spice and the heat isn't in the seeds anyway it's actually in the ribs that hold the seeds but you know minor point Once I had those things chopped up, the bacon was pretty much cooked the way I wanted it Into the bottom of the slow cooker went the pinto beans, cumin, chipotle chili powder, the chopped up onions and jalapeno Chicken broth, and you know instead of chicken broth you could use beef broth I think this would be fantastic with pork broth if you have it

And then I add in some water but beer is fantastic here as well And no I don't soak my beans, I've done it both ways and I find absolutely no difference either way Then I put the bacon in with a pretty good dollop of the of the bacon grease as well And if you haven't already subscribed please subscribe now and smash that notification bell so you find out about our new videos as soon as they come out! Put the lid on and set that to run on low for about seven hours Once the seven hours were up I put in a can of chopped up tomatoes, and if you live in the United States you'll probably use Rotel

Rotel isn't widely available where we are but the company that makes Rotel sells this can of tomatoes with chilies and I have to assume that it's, if not the same really close If you can't get either of these, just chopped up tomatoes will be fine Give it a stir put the lid back, on and let it go for another hour Now at this point you could put cilantro in, if you like cilantro If you don't like cilantro leave it out

I know people have really strong opinions about that I do like cilantro so I think by the time I go to serve this I'll just sprinkle some on top These are really great! I think this is better than chili dare I say it? Just full-on beans Fantastic! thanks for stopping by give this a try for yourself and I hope to see you soon Thanks for watching how to make Charro Beans In A Slow Cooker frijoles charros, como preparar frijoles charros, receta de frijoles charros

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