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Cheap vs expensive shashlik – Cooking with Boris



By North welcome! Came to the kingdom of meat Today I am going to answer some questions that everyone is thinking about in my mind This question has been asked now

Not less than three times That is the more expensive meat skewers Is it really delicious? Or Just put the ordinary pork pieces on the stick This Is a pig neck I bought it from the discount area of ​​a nearby store But this aha! This is a piece of lamb a piece of lamb that looks delicious Oksana Self-raised radish fed entirely by hand Now if your father hasn’t been a butcher I suggest you take your eyes off (in chaos) This is simply a poor quality product

This is not a knife, it is a spoon! Hey you see no, this is how they do yours Don't sell your meat and sell your bones Dead capitalist dog And the remaining bones can be used Take soup Then now (broken the package) I like it by the cup Then now It’s time to deal with normal pork

Now I am sure that you are very concerned How much does the price of these meats differ? Of course, I will be very concerned about it (still chaotic) The price is about four times different But because people often complain that "欸Boris!" "欸Boris!" Why you Why do you give the dollar and the euro every time you give the price? Are you a spy? ? ? ? ? ? I spent about five minutes so I cut it off So in order for you to let these acid people shut up (Russian Ruble Serbian Dinar Belarusian Ruble Bulgarian Lev Polish Zloty Czech Krona Ukrainian Hefmi Macedonian Dinar Day Bosnian Bosnian Romanian Leukrosia Kuna Swedish Krona Euro US Dollar Chinese Renminbi British Pound Hungarian Fortune Lin Norwegian Krone Mongolian Tugrik Bitcoin Canadian dollar Australian dollar Cuban peso Indonesian rupee Philippine peso Brazilian Lille Danish Krona Korean 圜Malaysia Ringgit) There are 30 currencies to choose from First we have to season the pork To season, we need Uh huh BANG! a glass Still a little vinegar Of course you have to mix with water and you definitely don’t want to experience it The smell of sourness in your mouth Ah awesome Yep Cool Then if you still have money, don't spend it You can also join the onion in a little discount area It’s good to eat and give your mouth a little Slavic feeling

*clatter* *clatter* I like to take bigger knives to get big projects Then take a small knife for precise processing *Sucking nose* Masha (ex-Boris's ex-girlfriend) Why are you leaving me? Add some healthy onions Then in order not to get sick Yes, even in the summer Add some health *cough* (Boris is sick in the middle of the film) Ah, I have to finish this skewer

And the garlic inside is good for you *Bright Concert Music* To add some salt a little more Then add some pepper to add flavor If you *sneeze* If you think the price is too high, don't use it (The condition is getting worse) Love is close to you Then put them all together with the same weight This part may be a bit different for everyone so This may be in vain Then wrap it in plastic wrap Then put it in the ice box (refrigerator) for a while One hour Ah, it’s a day Now pick up your mutton that looks delicious Although you may have regretted buying it already But it doesn't matter if you want to order something else Let me introduce Not not onions We are going to add hay from the eastern highlands that still emits fragrance

To order a powdery flame (paprika)

Source: Youtube

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