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Cheesy Mozzarella Deviled Eggs Recipe | POV Cooking



Hi! Today we will be making Cheesy Deviled Eggs! Here are nice Boiled Organic Eggs! Put them in ice so it will be easier to peel SMACK THAT EGG to open it and start peeling

I guess my ice bath failed They are still hard to peel LOL It took me some time to get here Carefully slice the eggs in half Make sure you don't destroy their shape

You can actually do this part faster I'm just making it dramatic for you Scrape the yolk out of the egg Put the yolk in a bowl Squish those eggs! Add tomato sauce, pepper and salt If you don't like spicy, skip the Tabasco But I like spicy so I put

K? MIIIXX!!!! Carefully scoop our mixture back into the egg Add Melted Cheese It can be any cheese I used Mozzarella Here At this point, if you don't like spicy skip the next part You can already shove these eggs into your mouth

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Source: Youtube

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