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#Chef Marco – Cooking like a chef at home S1 E5 Creme brulee



Hello everyone, I'm Chef Marco And today I decided to do something different I will make a dessert And because it will be my first dessert I will make One of the most classic desserts ever It's French and it's called Creme Brulee Burle cream means burnt cream And a kind of egg candy And it's a traditional French dessert and it's one of my favorites They will do it in two ways I will do two normal Vanilla only And a little bit different I'm going to use strawberries and port wine For this burlee cream you will need 1

5 liters of cream 24 egg yolks 200g of sugar 1 vanilla Don't be scared by the number of eggs This recipe makes many doses 1 yolk +/- 1 dose To start let's put the cream on the fire and let it boil Let's add 1 cinnamon stick and half a lemon peel And our vanilla we will separate the seeds Now everything is in the pan let's boil While we wait for the cream to boil Let's add the sugar to the yolks And let's move Let's just wrap the sugar The cream is boiling Sugar and egg yolks are mixed Let's turn on the oven because we're going to cook some in the pan And some in the oven to show you the two ways The oven must be at 160 C When you start, turn on the oven to heat up The cream is ready When you are boiling cream, do not leave the edge The number of times I'm working I put the cream on the fire and I will do something else When I come back I have cream everywhere It looks like it will take as soon as they turn their backs it boils out When they start to boil turn off Now let's heat the eggs without cooking them We will add one spoon at a time and we’ll move constantly Basically we are heating the eggs without cooking them Without making scrambled eggs We go for half the cream And let's put everything back in the pot Keep moving Now let's do both processes One of the processes will be in a water bath I will use a pitcher This makes it easier to put in the bowls They will not fill up to leave some space Now let's boil water on the platter And let's put it in the oven, let's do our water bath You can see I have a napkin under the bowls And to keep the bowls quiet And don't let the water splash in Let's put it in the oven like I said 160 degrees For 30 to 35 minutes Never more than 35 minutes Is ready Let's remove from the oven Let's let it cool down a bit And let's put it in the fridge The other way to do it is my favorite And the way I do it in every kitchen I work in And in the pot We cook in the pan on a very low heat The fire must be at least And you have to move continuously If they don't move They're going to end up with scrambled eggs and we don't want scrambled eggs We want a creamy texture So a low heat and always stirring They're not going anywhere You will need to stir for +/- 10 minutes So tie the phone to YouTube to my channel Watch some of the latest videos because they are spectacular so time will pass really fast Go see some videos You can see I'm using a spoon instead of a wire stick They cannot use a wire rod Because we don't want air inside our brulees Let's just stir it so it doesn't burn But we don’t want air inside it that would make us have bubbles in the middle of the cream We want it to be creamy Ok it's ready See if you are ready using the back spoon trick Make a line if the line is ready And it's good Use a strainer It is not pleasant to bite a lemon peel or cinnamon stick or even vanilla So use the strainer I'm going to use this dish because I have a big family to feed ready, just put it in the fridge To cool and then I will burn now as i said i will do I will do with strawberries and port wine For this I will make a kind of strawberry jam Put it in the bottom of the bowl and the cream goes over the top so when they put the spoon in there will be a surprise For strawberries Let's cut And we will use vanilla sugar That I made by adding vanilla to sugar And letting the sugar absorb the vanilla flavor for a few days Can use in cafe Or in the tea, and a good way to have flavored sugar Let's just melt the sugar and cook the strawberries a bit and then we will add port wine, strawberries and port combine very well It is not only because I am Portuguese that I am using port but because it is good The alcohol has already evaporated This syrup point is a good jam Let's remove from the pan and put in the bowls It's already cold and as I said at the beginning burlee in French I mean Burnt cream so let's burn Let's add a lot of sugar and let's burn Ready when they are finished let it cool Because hot sugar is very dangerous and when they finish they should make this noise now let's eat Let's try It's really good This one has the strawberries I really like this This was done in the water bath And this is the dish for the family This was cooked in the pan Burnt and ready I hope you liked it, tell me which one is your favorite I did it with strawberries but they can do it with other flavors other fruit, Cafe I like the taste of coffee Baileys is a good option too But tell me which one is your favorite and which techniques are preferred And if you like comment subscribe to the channel My name is Marco and I am your private boss

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New Cookery Recipes
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