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Chef Shows How To Cook Steak In A Toaster


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Watch this “Chef Shows How To Cook Steak In A Toaster” video below:

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ON SCREEN CREDIT – The George Pub and Grill

A chef has revealed his secret to cooking the perfect steak – by using a TOASTER.

Craig Harker, 33, decided to give this viral hack a go by buying a cheap toaster and throwing some different cuts of steak in to see how they turned out.

Craig, owner of The George Pub and Grill in Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, shared the pictures on their…..(read more)


  1. That’s amazing! I love it! Let me try that also later on! You should check out the SearPro torch. I highly recommend it! It'll give you a perfect crust for your meat AND it is way CHEAPER compared to others, has a powerful flame, it is portable and the BEST of all is, it can SEAR ALL FOOD EQUALLY and much FASTER! Check it on Youtube and their website! It is definitely worth the buy! Happy cooking!!

  2. As a South African living in the UK (worked as a qualified chef for 12 years) , knows how to BBQ & cook meat, considering meat is a staple diet in South Africa…. do you not know about health & safety!? Wtaf? What an insult to the cooking industry!

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