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Chef Tips on How to Cook & Season with Salt Chef Dario Tomaselli Anita Heidema Passion Is Cooking



Hi everyone, it is Anita and Dario with Passion Is Cooking And today we are the St Lawrence Market and we're really enjoying a lot of the products that are available today but this week we are talking about salt and salt is very very important and I'm learning more and more as time goes on how Important salt is Now when I was younger My mom always took away a lot of the salt in our cooking so I'm not used to salty foods But as I grow older I'm realizing the more important it is the nutrients that we needed a lot of the different salts and And how they differ so you've got some sea salts some sea weed salts some different Components that give you a lot of the minerals that your body actually needs So that's the nutritional part of it as part of the flavoring and cooking It's really really important in what you use and there's different salts for cooking salts for for finishing and we've got a whole array of stuff down here in the back that we can go through Well, I mean we are here the St Lawrence Market first of all Which is one of the greatest market here in the beautiful city of Toronto and we have a variety of salts I mean this one is the most Kind of out salting reusing, but I would like to start working with this without here This is the kosher salt the salt and even love to use at home

He's got this real fine crystal excellent for cooking pasta For cooking vegetables Which is really really good for you and it's excellent to use up for absolutely everything as we move around It is a different variety of salt, you know, you have the mediterranean sea salt is a little finer and very mineral Okay, so the mineral it is very very important, you know the mineral you found in fish so that is an extremely important part of your salts and then like an Anita was saying we're looking into Finishing salt which is very important, you know You're cooking a piece of meat you finish with is beautiful to a crystal of fine salt, and we're looking at here But we have an array of them So we're looking If you want a smoked salt if you want, but my favourite is this one is called Maldon Salt phenomenon your crystal very sweet phenomenal to use right in here Any single issue? So yes, I mean we have a great variety of everything We can always choose we have to be very careful how to use it and how to incorporating in anywhere dishes This is Passion Is Cooking with some salt tips this week with salt week We put in some other tips on our Instagram channel More information to come and signing up from now from St

Lawrence Market ciao for now

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