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Chef Yeonbok’s signature food, Mian Bao Xia [Stars' Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/ENG, IND/2020.04.28]



It's so delicious – Take it out and then fry again

/ – You fry it twice (Second deep-fry on high heat) – That looks good / – The bread becomes golden brown That looks so good (Just like this) – Game over

/ – Nice and crunchy – I'm eating that this weekend / – Menbosha I'll have to eat menbosha at home Oh, the smell

Yeongja would want to eat this so bad right now I'm going insane (Even the ones who had tasted it are going crazy) – Amazing / – It's so good I remember that

(Golden brown and stuffed) You have to eat it while it's hot – Thank you / – Thank you for the food It's pollack roe menbosha – With pollack roe inside

/ – And shrimp The pollack roe would make the texture even better The saltiness gets rid of the greasiness (Shrimp and pollack roe fill the inside of the bread) (Chef Yeonbok's new dish, pollack roe menbosha) (Crunch) (Menbosha ASMR) Check out the crunch It looks good even without any sauce

Yes, it would be good on its own It's so good I can't believe it That's a relief It's so good

I'll pull it apart (Crunch) (Shrimp, meat, and pollack roe) That looks so delicious! That looks so good You'd think it's greasy, but the inside is so moist Crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside – Perfect example

/ – Crunchy outside, moist inside Why didn't you call me over? I'll bring you one, Yoonah I have a few frozen in the freezer When you dip it in the sauce – Yes, yes Dipped in sauce / – That's how you eat it (This time, they try it with his special sauce) That looks so good

(Cooling it down in his mouth) I'm so jealous! Wow, the flavor is to die for If you dip it in the sauce, it becomes a whole new world It tastes just like chili shrimp Chili shrimp What is this? Chef, will I not be able to eat this anymore? Is this your first and last time? It is my first

– I only add shrimp / – I want people to try this It's a truly unique menbosha flavor (The new world of menbosha) (So proud / Did you enjoy it?)

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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