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Chefclub's WTF recipes are back! A Cheese Mountain ⛰ A Dragon Cake 🧝‍♀️ A Pizza Made of Sushi! 🍣



Aluminum foil Melaleuca Ham sausage toothpick Mozzarella cheese yolk Oven 180 degree roast for 15 minutes Cheddar&comté Cheddar & Kandy Cheese olive oil Ground meat ketchup Salt & Black Pepper Salt & Black Pepper Parsley Cheddar&comté Cheddar & Kandy Cheese Frozen for 30 minutes flour egg Bread crumbs hot oil Melaleuca Ham sausage yolk onion Ground meat ketchup French Provence spices Reblochon cheese onion Cheddar cheese Oven for 20 minutes in the oven Crisp tart Cake mould flour sugar butter Baking powder egg Chocolate milk sauce Oven for 170 minutes in the oven Chocolate egg Caramel milk sauce salmon tuna cucumber Avocado Seaweed slices Rice vinegar Sushi rice (already mixed with vinegar) Salmon Toast plastic wrap sour cream Pork Parmesan cheese Refrigerated for 30 minutes sour cream Parmesan cheese Mozzarella cheese Oven for 20 minutes in the oven yolk Oven for 20 minutes in the oven Parsley Black pepper potato onion onion Ham Parsley cheese Pizza crust Bake for 30 minutes at 160 degrees

Source: Youtube

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