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#ChefMarco Cooking like a chef at home S1 E1 Steaks and Sauces



Hello again, welcome to my kitchen today I will cook for you 3 incredible steaks are 3 of my favorites I will cook them in 3 different ways and I will use 3 different techniques and I will also make to accompany the steaks 3 quick sauces First I'm going to talk about Tbone, personally and my favorite it's called Tbone because the bone is shaped like a T on one side there is the loin part, with a good layer of fat and on the other side the file, so we have the best of both worlds and why I love it I'll start by adding a bit of oil to the salt to grab the meat and a large 800g loaf of meat so we will have to use a lot of salt and pepper It is very important that you remove the steak from the refrigerator 15 to 20 minutes before cooking it if they don't they will end up having a steak burnt on the outside and still cold and raw in the middle so don't forget 15, 20 minutes before when you put the steak in the pan you have to hear the noise press the meat to make sure that all the meat is in contact with the pan and let it, don’t touch the steak, it’s important that you leave it so the steak can caramelize and develop a crust the flavor will develop and will taste much better so put the steak and don't touch it 5 minutes passed on one side I'll turn As you can see it has a good color and a good crust that’s why it’s important that they don’t touch the steak It's been 3 to 4 minutes on this side, let's take it out and let it rest I'm going to put it on this grid It is important that they use a grid because if you have the steak resting directly on a plate, the meat fluids will come out and all the work we did to form this crust with the liquids coming out will make the steak wet and it won't be crunchy like this so it’s important to use something like this, where air can circulate underneath

One way to know if it's rare and to touch and feel it So being well done so measure well medium average bad and rare I like it so badly, it still has some resistance but it is still quite soft Second I will use the chop and for him I will use a dry seasoning consisting of dried chili, cumin, smoked papicra and powdered coriander Rib Eye is called so because of the fat in the eye-shaped medium a bit of oil for the spice to grab I will use the dry seasoning that I showed I’m going to add a little salt to the seasoning, there’s already some and just a little more Turn on the heat and let the pan heat up, you can touch and feel if it is hot I will add vegetable oil, when we cook steaks the best and vegetable oil, you should not use olive oil When you place the steak, put it away, so the hot oil never spills into your hand Something we can do and spoon the steak with the liquid from the pan, will increase the flavor and speed up the cooking time I will turn now 3 minutes you can see that the steak crust is right at the point and we only get a crust like that if we don't touch the steak I will cook medium-sized steak badly just because and how I like it but always touch, feel touch your hand, it's ready I will take it out and let it rest Third I will make the file many people's favorite and a little thin for me I like that steaks have fat remains a steak full of flavor and one of the best I will do exactly the same with the file a lot of oil to grab salt and roll the steak on the board to enjoy the salt and to make sure it stays everywhere from us to it press for all the meat to touch the bottom to have a uniform crust do not touch 2 minutes on this side I'll turn, you can see the color I will add crushed garlic thyme and unsalted butter, cold butter, lots of butter and now I will water the steak the steak is ready Let's put it aside and let it rest For this sauce I will use Chives coriander garlic dried chillies salt my special oil but you can use normal oil and white vinegar Always taste, to confirm seasonings You need a lot of salt and pepper Mix, and try again

PERFECT 🙂 Now I will make the pepper sauce 1 garlic and 1 bay leaf whole black pepper salt cream brandy chicken broth To start we add the pepper, without anything else basically we want to toast the pepper to increase the flavor a lot of salt and the laurel and toast The pepper is already toasted, I'll add the garlic and brandy Watch out for the brandy because the pot is hot and the brandy will burn We burn the alcohol and add the chicken stock we could use another type of broth but for this, I prefer chicken because it has a milder flavor It's been boiling for some time, it's ready for cream if you don’t want to use cream you can use fresh cream, I prefer cream

Let's boil and reduce, and it's ready Already reduced and has the consistency that I like One way to see and on the spoon make a line with your finger if the line remains ready and it's really good Now I'm going to make a quick mushroom sauce I will use shitake mushroom brown mushroom field mushroom good to have a mixture of mushrooms so we have different flavors and textures I'll use garlic that I already cut salt, pepper and fresh organs Turn on the frying pan to cook mushrooms the pan must be very hot to remove the water from the mushrooms a mushroom has more than 70% water to increase the flavor we have to toast them the field mushroom I will only slice the same with the brown mushroom the shiitake i'll use my fingers and leave The frying pan is hot We add a lot of oil if you don't hear this noise don't put the rest it is important that the mushrooms are all in contact with the frying pan if they are many cook in doses to have a good color in them all as soon as we have a good color let's add butter that i forgot to mention and add the garlic let's melt the butter and let the butter turn brown will give a good nutmeg flavor final result this and the file just added a salad of arugula and spinach cress with Parmesan for the file I personally prefer the mushrooms I love mushrooms with steaks let's add the mushrooms that we cook Be generous with doses This is the cutlet and I just added the same salad and for the cutlet I will use the pepper sauce this is Tbone, and my favorite again with the same salad and the chimichurri sauce chimichurri and a good sauce because it is light and cuts the fat of the steak well OH MY GOD thank you for watching comment below what you want to see me cooking next Like and share the channel

Now and time to taste my name and Marco and I am your private chef

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New Cookery Recipes
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