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Chena Kheer Recipe | छेना खीर | Chena Payesh / Payas Sweet | Janmashtami Sp | Paneer Ki Kheer



Hi, in this recipe video we are going to show you how to make Chena Kheer Recipe We'll start with making chena (cottage cheese) For making chena (cottage cheese) add 1litre of milk in a pan and keep it for boiling

Stir milk at regular interval to prevent it sticking at the bottom Give 2 to 3 boils to milk Stir at regular intervals Now add lemon juice little by little in the boiled milk Keep adding lemon juice until the milk curdles up

As you can see, milk has curdled up and water has separated This means chena (cottage cheese) is ready Now we will switch the flame off and drain the water Wash chena with water to remove the tangyness of lemon Now add prepared chenna in a pan to dry out the moisture

1/2 (Half) litre of milk makes 100 gms of chena (cottage cheese) Roast chena for 15 to 20 seconds Now add 1/2 (half) cup of sugar and give it a nice stir Stir until the sugar melts up Now add 1/2 (half) litre of milk and give it a nice stir

At the same time add 1/4th tsp of cardamom powder Simmer it up until it gets thick Now add 2 drops of rose essence or 1 tsp of rose water This will enhance the flavour of chena kheer Stir at regular intervals

Now add chopped cashews or any other nuts of your liking Give it a nice stir Chena Kheer is ready, so now we'll switch off the flame Take it out in a bowl Chena Kheer is ready to eat, serve it chilled

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Source: Youtube

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