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Chicken Afritada



Welcome to my channel, today we are going to cook Chicken Afritada I used chicken wings this time, we have garlic, onion, a medium sized tomato, carrots and potato butter, salt and pepper to taste and later I will show you my secret ingredient so now we are going to put the butter and I will just add a bit of olive oil to avoid the butter burning so quickly we are going to start sauteing by putting on our onion in sauteing I normally put onion first instead of garlic because garlic burns easily wait for the onions to be translucent in color then we"ll add in our tomatoes Now we can add our chicken Saute the chicken very well until it changes color and it will absorbed all the flavors We will cover and let it simmer Now you can notice the chicken has changed its color Now we are going to add my secret ingredient which is Mama Sita Menudo/Afritada Mix stir in to spread the mix equally with our chicken Cover and let it simmer add little bit of water now we add the black pepper and salt, stir a bit and cover Stir in to mix the salt and pepper Cover and let it simmer Now we can add in our carrots, cover to simmer Now we can add in our potatos Cover and let it simmer Once potatoes are cooked we can turn it off Now it is ready to be served happy eating! Please subscribe to my channel and God bless everyone

Source: Youtube

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