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Chicken Aloo ka Salan Chicken Curry Recipe Indian Chicken Curry Recipe Easy Chicken Curry Recipe Chicken Recipes Today we are going to make Aloo Chicken ka salan that means chicken gravy with potatoes It's a very simple recipe to make but at the same time very delicious So first take a pan or wok that means kadhai and add edible oil and let it heat Once heated add two medium chopped onions and fry till they start getting brown Add tow pinch of baking soda and half glass of water let it cook till onions become soft and turn the flame to low Once onions are soft add chicken pieces to it and let them fry till chicken pieces change the color and keep stirring in between and turn the flame to medium Once chicken pieces changed the color add ginger garlic paste and stir continuously for around 2 minutes add 1/2 tablespoon of crushed cumin seeds crushed black pepper seeds half teaspoon of turmeric powder half teaspoon of red chilli powder one teaspoon of coriander powder coat the chicken pieces after coating the chicken pieces add tomatoes and salt as per your taste give it a mix and let the tomatoes cook for 5 minutes or till they become soft In the meantime take half bowl of yoghurt or curd and add half teaspoon of chat masala powder and half teaspoon of chicken korma powder or garam masala powder give it a good mix Add Potatoes Mix it well Now add our yoghurt or curd give it a mix and let it cook on medium flame for 4-5 minutes Add Water for your gravy give it a mix Cover the pan and cook till the pieces are tender and cook on low flame Once the chicken pieces and potatoes are tender that means soft add green chilli and add some coriander leaves give it a mix and let it simmer for two minutes Now switch off the flame and we will transfer our chicken recipe or chicken curry that means Aloo Chicken Ka Salan to the serving dish Here is our Chicken Gravy with Potatoes that means Chicken Aloo ka Salan is ready to eat You can enjoy it with Roti Chapati Parota or Naan or with white fluffy rice Friends if you like the Indian chicken recipe then please do like our video please share it and also please subscribe to our channel Yes I Can Cook We will see you again with a new dish and a new recipe till then bye bye and take care of yourself Thanks you for watching the How to make Indian Chicken Curry Video Thank you

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