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Chicken Chaap – Traditional Bengali Recipe | Cook With Lubna



today i will show you how to make chicken chaap 750 gram chicken pieces firstly take a mixing bowl add in yogurt all powdered spices ginger and garlic paste onion paste roasted gram flour or sattu cashews , melon seeds and poppy seeds paste mace and nutmeg powder mix it nicely add in saffron, rose water and kewra water as well you can add meetha attar as well, 2-3 drops now apply this mixture on chicken pieces nicely keep this for marination for at least 1 hour heat 1/3 cup of ghee or oil into a pan, place chicken pieces into this do not flip the chicken pieces for 1-2 min keep the flame on medium to high heat after 1-2 min, flip the chicken pieces, simmer the heat, cover and cook it for 8-10 min meanwhile flip the chicken pieces after that, turn the flame on high heat and fry chicken pieces till they turn light pink in color after that turn off the heat now for gravy, heat 1/3 cup of ghee or oil into the pan once oil heats up add in remaining marinade into this, fry it nicely for 8-9 min now add 1/2 cup of water and fried chicken pieces into the gravy cover the lid and cook it for 10 min on low heat chicken chaap is ready to serve

Source: Youtube

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