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Chicken Changezi Recipe Chicken Gravy Recipe Chicken Curry Recipe Chicken recipes hello friends so today we are going to make chicken Changezi it's a very delicious chicken gravy recipe and it is believed to be originated in 13th century by mongolian warriors and it is quite famous in northern part of India specially Delhi so guys let's start making Chicken Changezi recipe today First heat 3 to 4 tbsp of oil in a pressure cooker or in a wok or any heavy bottom vessel we are heating it on medium flame once the oil is hot add chicken pieces into it and let them fry till they change the color or till they start becoming light brown keep stirring to ensure that they are not staying to the base We can see that chicken pieces have start turning light brown and they have lost all of its color now turn off the heat and take out the chicken pieces leaving the oil behind after taking out the chicken pieces discard the oil which we used for frying all the chicken pieces keep them aside now take two tablespoon of clarified butter or ghee in the same vessel once it is heated add chopped onions to do it and let them fight till they become translucent in the color or start becoming light brown add cashews and let them fry for couple of minutes and switch off the flame and let onions cool down once they're cooled take it in a grinder and blend it to the fine paste by adding very little water say three spoons or two spoons you can add and then grind it to the fine paste after grinding keep our onion paste aside in the same vessel heat 1 to 2 tbsp of Kilifi clarified butter or that means ghee once it is hot add the garlic paste to it and let it cook for few seconds I want 40 45 seconds till odd Linda was one goes away now add milk as per your taste I am adding here one glass of milk now add chili powder coriander powder powder and garam masala into it mix it and let it simmer for a minute now add tomato tomato value to it mix it and let it simmer for about 10 minutes on low heat add chaat masala and our ginger paste in the request give it a good mix and let it simmer for five to seven minutes on low medium heat now add chopped green chili and ginger as well as this will be method that means dried fenugreek leaves mix it and let it simmer for a couple of minutes add salt again mix also at this point if you want to add a screen then you can add but I am NOT adding here you can add one or two tablespoon of first screen and let it simmer for couple of minutes and then use stirred and now add our chicken pieces coat them well and let it cook for our fact assignments also I added here some movement you can add it in first move itself because I am NOT adding fresh cream here so I just want wanted the color of the gravy to become a little bit lighter now add water as per your gravy equipment you would have mix after addict what else play the comment adds some more little button to generate his team and also check for the tenderness of the pieces before that if the pieces are tender then it should be fine and just took for two minutes and transfer it to the serving dish and if the pieces of not tender then I had some little very little more butter and turn the flame to medium and cover that don't close it just cover and let it simmer for 5 to 7 minutes then I can check the tenderness of the pieces if the pieces are tender enough then switch off the flame otherwise let the process go on and keep adding butter as per the requirement ok I see up to some time chicken pieces are tender and the water has escaped as per you baby requirement then switch up the flame and transfer it to the serving dish here is our chicken Cheng is he ready to eat you can enjoy it with your teacher party rice or naan I hope you are going to prepare it at home and also you are going to like the recipe if you like the recipe then please do like our video and also please share it with your friends and colleagues and also please subscribe to our channel thank you for watching and we'll meet again bye soon with the new recipe till then bye bye and take care of yourself good night

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