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Chicken Chilli Restaurant Style Recipe | Street Food of Karachi Pakistan



Food Studio Chicken Chilli restaurant style recipe with Gravy For egg fried rice recipe clink link on description box Add 2 Table Spoon Cooking Oil Garlic paste 1 table spoon Capsicum almost 5 to 6 cubes cutting Onion 6 to 7 cubes cutting Green chilli 4 to 5 Add Chicken stock or you can add water Saute for 2 minutes Add Chicken stock or you can add water Oyster sauce 2 Table Spoon 1 table spoon soya sauce Half tea,spoon salt half tea Spoon sugar and half tea,spoon white pepper Add fried chicken Fried chicken recipe take 4 to 6 chicken cube cutting then add maida flour and Eggs then deep fried When our gravy will be full hot then add corn flour water Dissolved corn flour in half cup water Add Corn Flour water If you want to make dry chilli chicken then add more corn flour water Our Chicken Chilli restaurant style is Ready for Serving

Source: Youtube

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