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Chicken grill with pork belly (EN subs) | Grill philosophy



Many times you probably have seen chicken and bacon together Bacon is made of pork belly

So, today I'll make small rods (kondosouvli) with chicken and pork belly, seasoned with special spices and grilled in rotation on our grill Let's see step by step all the secrets as well that you should pay attention to to prepare a unique chicken rod that your company will much enjoy Grill philosophy Chicken rod with pork Hello dear friends! I'm George (Yorgos Mallioras) Together with my brother, we construct grills and ovens Through our channel, Grill philosophy we share with you our passion for grilling and also the experience we gain grilling Happy grilling to everyone! Meat cuts Well, for this recipe we will use deboned chicken leg I've shaped it properly the deboning, of course, was done by my butcher and it's better to ask him do it until you are confident at some point to do it yourself

I have form it in a way that I can hide in it a piece of pork belly this way and skewer it We'll keep the chicken's skin because it will help us in grilling, and it will be tastier and juicier And it will also gain a nice color So, let's first prepare the spice mixture to marinade it and then grill it And any left overs from the shaping of the chicken parts aren't going to waste, I've kept them I'll boil them and by using their juice I can prepare a very nice soup or even make chicken juice to use in cooking

So, nothing goes to waste, that is Spices and marinade Let's prepare our spice mixture For 1 kg (22 lbs) of chicken and 1/2 kg (11 lbs) of pork belly we'll need 22 g (0

8 oz) quality sea salt I personally use fleur de sel because I prefer it 2 g (007 oz) white peppercorns 3 g (01 oz) granulated garlic 4 g (014 oz) curry powder use a mild curry, not spicy

We'll bash them all in the mortar to release their aromas The aromas will blend with the salt so will have a wonderful scented salt that will curry the scents to every part of meat The scent is great We're ready The first intervention we're going to do before adding the spices is to add white wine to the meat pieces 100 ml (3

4 fl oz) for a total of 15 kg (33 lbs) meat And we'll leave it for 10 minutes to be absorbed by the meat pieces as much as possible As you can see, after 5-10 minutes the wine is fully absorbed by the chicken and the pork belly

And now we're ready to add the spices, gradually Adding and mixing, to spread evenly The turmeric that's in the curry will give a very nice color to the meat pieces We're mixing well without spoiling the chicken pieces to spread the spice mixture evenly The even spice spreading is very important

That's why I'm showing this part excessively We'll leave it to marinade for 2-3 hours in the refrigerator It could stay all night as well but I think that three hours more or less is the best Let's light the charcoals Charcoals light upside down from top to bottom that's why the kindling, alcohol soaked cotton, is placed on top

And the charcoals will light easily, quickly and without smoke Until the charcoals are ready, let's skewer We take a piece of chicken in between will enclose a piece of pork belly we fold and skewer We're folding this way the pork belly will be on the inside and the chicken skin will be on the outside to protect the chicken meat from burning And we're skewering

Among the pieces we can also skewer red pepper And we continue We can, of course, for convenience, to skewer the one side of the chicken, then skewer the pork belly piece and then the other side of the chicken piece to enclose the pork belly Chicken Pork belly and enclose with chicken We make sure the skin is on the outside

That's it We're spreading to make it even and our rod looks like this The charcoals are ready, we're spreading them inside the firecabin The ones that aren't fully lit are placed on the side Because the fire is very strong and we want to grill in a low heat because we want the kondosouvli to be roasted on the inside first and then take color on the outside

And that needs a low heat and a long-hour grilling, of course We're doing fine One rod of chicken one rod with potatoes Now the griller enjoys his company until they're ready The only thing I have to say about rotation is that it needs to be smooth

A smooth and even rotation can only be achieved by a worm driver We're grilling with relatively low heat to fully roast it first on the inside and then we can raise the temperature to give color on the outside We're grilling, as you can see, very close to the charcoals Of course, grillers job is to control the heat that charcoals release This is the grilling skill; the controling of the fire

If the charcoals are stronger on certain spots and some rods are ahead of others we can switch them with the ones that are a bit behind in grilling As I've done here They have started to gain color Soon, we'll take the temperature with the thermometer To see where we at internally

Our potatoes are ready We're waiting a bit more The temperature on the inside is OK we are at approximately 70°C (158°F) and above, I'll show you in a bit You can see, it's above 75°C (167°F), we're OK We'll just leave it to take color

We can make the fire stronger at this point to give color faster Again, the grilling technique has to do with the controling of the heat -What do you think, Dimitris? Is their color nice? -Very good -Wish the taste is equally good, huh? -Well, kid, to learn the one, on the side, has a very nice color, and I think we should remove it Remove it

The other one as well -Remove this one as well -That's it Help is important but mostly because we learn Let's remove this one, too, I say

We will place it more to the centre that the fire is stronger to be grilled as well After covering for 6-7 minutes, we uncover and we're ready to see what we've done In any case, juicy they must be, because there are juices all over

Let's cut them Mmm, it looks well done A bit of salt, good quality sea salt in the end it'll go really well because we didn't put much salt in the beginning to be able to add some in the end It's accompanied with roast potatoes and it's time to try it, let's pick this one It's hot

Rich scent and taste Perfect! It did need the salt in the end and it's better to add salt in the end than adding more in the beginning Salt I'll go share it with my company Happy grilling to everyone!

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