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Chicken Half Moon Recipe | 2020 Ramadan Recipes | Inspired by @Kitchen With Amna | English Subtitle



In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful Hello, I am Rabia, You are watching YouTube channel Teste with Rabia Today we will make Chicken Half Moon Samosa in Ramadan Special Which makes very tasty You should try it at home, especially during Iftar The things we need for that chicken boneless 250gm I will put a tablespoon of chopped red pepper in it Half a teaspoon of black salt A quarter teaspoon of white pepper A quarter teaspoon of salt A quarter teaspoon yellow color A tablespoon of garlic paste We will add a tablespoon of vinegar And I will add half a cup of mash yogurt Mix it well Now I will put two tablespoons of All Purpose flour in it Mix it Well Leave it for 25 minutes Now I will have a cup of All Purpose flour in a bawl Now I will put half a teaspoon of powdered sugar in it Half Teaspoon Salt Two tablespoons ghee in place of ghee you can use oil Mix it Well And with a little bit of water we will knead it Neither too thin Knead nor too hard This dough has been counted by us Now we will keep it for ten to fifteen minutes Now we will take two tablespoons of oil in pan I will put marinated chicken in it Fry it lightly Now i will add half cup water We will cook it on low heat so that the chicken melts completly We'll put it on Steam for ten or fifteen minutes After ten or fifteen minutes we will see and dry the water in it The chicken water is dry, we will take it off Now i will take 2 teaspoon oil in a pan Put two tablespoons of flour in it Mix it well now i will add one cup milk Mix it well Now I will add a spoonful of white pepper and salt to taste Mix it well, and add half cup of milk into it The dough is ready , now we have made perrey It has become our perra, now we will roll it we will roll it in shape of bread Neither too thin nor too thick Now we have a lid We will makes pieces like that we made two pieces now i will put mixture in it, which we prepared earlier we will close it like that We will connect it so that it cant opened its ready first we will dip into egg then dip in bread crumb coated well After that we will fry it The oil is hot, We will cook it on medium heat so that our all purpose flour cokked well If you haven't subscribed to our channel, subscribe now If you like our recipe, click the Like button, and share more and comment on it Now we will fry until light brown You can see they are light brown from both sides now its ready Now we will take them out Everyone loves it

You should try it at home And they all eat with gusto You can also give your child the same lunch box take them with ketchup its look so crispy and look juicy from inside hope you like that recipe, thanks

Source: Youtube

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