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CHICKEN KARAHI | How to cook Chicken Karahi at home



My name is Abbas and I've gotten a bunch of ghee in my hand and today we're going to be making Chicken Karahi Now this recipe that i'm using is usually used for lamb karahi – Charsi style if you know what I'm saying

But today we are going to use Chicken So i've got some oil, and im gonna add ghee (clarified butter) to the oil Now that my ghee is melted, I'm gonna go ahead and add my chicken And i'm gonna add 1 teaspoon of salt And i'm just gonna brown this and I'm gonna fry this up in all this oil and ghee until it's browned a little bit on the outside

I'm gonna add some ground ginger and ground garlic and green chilies And we're gonna cook this a little bit Now i'm adding a teaspoon of each of ground black pepper, coriander, and cumin If you can roast your spices a little bit before your grind them so you get extra flavor out of it And then I'm gonna add all these tomatoes

Now we're gonna let this cook for a little awhile, until it's what we call Bhun, where the tomatoes are fully assimilated and become a sauce And the one way you know that this is done is that the tomato sauce is quite a bit darker and you can see the oil rising to the top Now we're gonna call this Chicken Bhun Hi Bhun! As you can see the oil is oozing out, the ghee is oozing out and the tomato has come to a much darker color, so that means that this is just about done cooking Now we're gonna add in the juice of one lime

We're gonna mix that in there Another great way of knowing if this is done cooking is to see if it's dry enough This has dried up quite a bit because when I move it there's no water that comes into it See that, super dry Now we're gonna add in for garnish, some fresh ginger as well as some cilantro and then I'm gonna mix this up and it'll be ready to eat! Let's give this a quick taste

Hmmm love it! If you can absolutely cook with ghee (clarified butter), it makes such a big difference! This is so wonderful I can't wait to eat all of this This has been Abbas and if you're cooking this at home please do tag us @halalfest (facebook or instagram) Can't wait to see what you end up cooking up in your home This has been Quarantine Cooking with Halal Fest!

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