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Chicken Karahi Street Style Recipe | Cooking Tips and Tricks



Chicken karahi street style recipe In this video I am going to tell you very important 3 cooking tips and tricks for Chicken Karahi Street Style If you will follow these three tips your karahi will be tasty like restaurant Tips 1 – Only Use fresh Tomatoes don't use Puri of tomatoes if you use fresh Tomatoes and remove skin in karahi taste will be more better then Puri Gram masala is very important part of any karahi every restaurant make their own gram masala Please watch carefully i am going to tell you how to make gram masala restaurant style Add cumin seeds 2 to 25 table spoon Add cloves 10 to 12 Add Black peppercorns 2 Table spoon Black cardamom 8 to 10 Green Cardamom 20-22 Badiyan ka phool ( Star anise ) 4 -5 Nutmeg 2 Bay leaves 4 to 6 Roast in light flame for 3 minutes then blend Tips 3 Always add spices like chili powder , turmeric powder, black pepper, coriander powder before 4 minutes of cooking karahi Always add yougurt before 4 minutes of cooking karahi

Source: Youtube

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