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Chicken Makhni-Desi Style CLOG – Al Dente Cozinha: My 1st cooking recipe video with English Subtitle



Hello ! Guys, today's recipe is Butter Chicken Lets Start

Here we take two (2) chopped onion Chopped onion should not be too small nor too big Chop in normal size Now, we take 7 to 8 peeled off tomatoes Half kilogram chicken 1/5 teaspoon Garlic and Ginger paste 2 table spoon butter Any pack of cream 200ml 1 cup oil Condiment includes; Red chilli powder, Red Chilli flakes, Cumin Seeds, Whole Spice Mix, Black pepper & Salt for tomato paste, grind peeled off boiled tomatoes (do not add water) Put cooking-pot on flame and pour butter on preheated pot and as it melts, we add oil and save 1/4 for later use

Stir & mixing Add chopped onion Takes around 10 minutes to get the onion light brown Stir & mix the onion for medium high flame for a minute then low the flame Keep stir & mixing the onion to avoid dark color Onion is now light brown Now, we lower the flame of stove After change of the colour of onion to light brown, we add tomato paste Pour the condiments and mix Sauteing will be done at the end Only mixing at this time Pour 1/2Kg chicken pieces You can take boned chicken or boneless Mixing the chicken pieces Recipe is very easy and good to taste and very delicious Add Garlic & Ginger paste stir & mix for 2 to 3 time to get the paste mixed well Now, add 1 full cup of water and pour it to fuse the chicken in good manner Mix the chicken, stir for a few second on high flame and cover the pot When it starts boiling, lower the flame to medium flame should not be too high nor to low, it should be medium to dry the water in pot Keep checking in between and after 20 to 25 minutes it will be ready for sauteing Then we have to saute the chicken Check the chicken for sauteing Chicken saute easily by this time Checked it and it sauted well Okay Now, it is on well sauted point Add 8 to 9 normal green chilies, if the chilies are normal or small can be added as it is and if the chilies are big then we can add after cutting and extracting the seeds Add the oil that we saved earlier in the cup Add 1/2 teaspoon more butter As it is butter chicken, we need to add little more butter at the end little So, I added 1/2 teaspoon butter Now we have to saute it well See, the sauteing has been started See this

Started sauteing well Now, we add cream after sauteing and save a little to garnish in end When pouring the cream, the stove flame should be lowered (very low flame) to avoid the cream burning Stir and mix for 4 to 5 times Mix well by doing the chicken pieces up & down Notice the flame its very low Now, it will get mixed well Mixed well Now put off the stove flame Pour the cooked butter chicken in serving bowl For garnishing we need chopped green coriander, green chilies and cream (that we saved earlier) Pour all in the serving bowl Topped with 3 green chilies It up to you to use 3 to 4 or more chilies for garnish/topping Garnish with cream Sprinkle oregano (mix herbs) and black pepper Sprinkle little This is ready chicken butter to serve Thank you for watching Please like, share and subscribe Thank you !

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New Cookery Recipes
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