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Chicken Pakora Recipe



Hello everyone! Today I am going to make a Chicken Pakora Recipe in a unique style I wash a chicken boneless breast piece

Now we will cut it into same size cubes Same sized cubes are the best to fry otherwise chicken pakora burn or remain uncooked I cut all the chicken cubes By following this recipe, the chicken will neither uncooked nor with the smell and every chicken cubes will be spicy from inside We will add garlic into it which will remove the chicken smell Garlic is also good to reduce the cholesterol To add the green chilli here it will make all chicken pakora spicy and the spice will penetrate into it

1-litre water is enough to make chicken’s broth for chicken pakora Black whole pepper has its own individual taste so I am adding 5 whole black pepper into it Half teaspoon of white table salt, do not add more than it because we will add more during the chicken marinade Boil it for five minutes on medium flame in steam Five minutes are done Our very tasty chicken with broth is ready for tasty chicken pakora recipe By cut the green chilli all chicken is spicy now, chicken cubes are also cooked well and are not shattering too Now we will prepare the batter for chicken pakora I will add a half a cup of gram flour One cup full grain flour with extra bran or husk Add full grain flour with extra bran because it is a healthy ingredient and also make the chicken pakora crispy rather than rice flour or maida Half tablespoon of red chilli powder which is the mixture of full ground and half ground red chilli powder Half teaspoon of white table salt Black pepper powder will add one fourth teaspoon One-fourth teaspoon of parsley seeds Half teaspoon of dried roasted cumin seeds One teaspoon of whole dried coriander, rub it in your hands and add to increase the flavour and aroma or chicken pakora recipe One-fourth teaspoon of turmeric powder One teaspoon of dried coriander powder Here is an equal quantity of garlic and ginger paste which is almost one teaspoon Do not miss this while making chicken pakora Add one whiteness of an egg which will make our chicken pakora crispy Click the description to see the full Recipe Card We will make this batter into well-beaten yoghurt instead of water to increase the taste One cup of green coriander which will enhance the aroma and taste of chicken pakora recipe Now mix it well Add one-fourth cup of chicken broth which is quite perfect for this batter Make sure add the chicken broth slowly and gradually Mix it well and do not let any pit This thickness of mixture is perfect for pakora Now add chicken cubes in it Chicken is already full of spices and is not uncooked or tasteless

Look this texture is fine because the loose coating will not stay on chicken cubes Marinade it for 15 minutes in refrigerator If you will keep it in the refrigerator coating will stick around firmly I will fry it into mustard oil You can watch my oil-free / zero-oil chicken pakora recipe which link is mentioned above I fried 10 pakoras into only 1 tablespoon oil If you are using fresh mustard oil for the first time add one piece of bread into hot oil before frying anything into it When bread brown like this take it out due to this oil will not boil and will not come out Do it for the first time for fresh oil only Now add chicken pakora one by one and keep the flame medium then turn the flam low On low flame chicken, pakora will cook well from inside Give some time to turn these pakoras otherwise, there will be chances to remove its coating One side will take 5 to 6 minutes to a golden brown Turn the flame high before taking the chicken pakora away Don’t forget to fry green chilli as it is tastier than chicken pakora Take the green chilli out when crispy Dish out tasty chicken pakora In this green chilli, spices are low and chicken pakora taste is rich Now let me show you by cutting these pakoras how crispy these are Wow this is spicy dry and fully cooked from inside Like and Share my recipe Thanks, bye for now

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