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Chicken Pot Pie Recipe – Cooking with Bosch



Chicken Pot Pie Peel and Chop 1 Stalk of Celery Peel and Dice 2 Carrots Peel and Slice 2 Onions Finely Chop 2 Garlic Cloves Peel and Quarter 250g of Idaho Potatoes Cut 400g of Chicken Thighs into 6 Pieces Put the Chicken Pieces on a Tray Season with Salt White Pepper Powder Coat the Seasoned Chicken Pieces with 100g of Plain Flour Heat about 20ml of Cooking Oil in a Pot Evenly Brown the Chicken over Medium Heat for about 10 Minutes Until they become dark brown Set aside the Browned Chicken Pieces Add 25g of Butter to the same pot Add 2 Diced Carrots 2 Sliced Onions 2 Finely Chopped Garlic Cloves 1 Chopped Celery Stir-fry the Vegetables Cook the Vegetables gently for 10 Minutes until they soften and become lightly browned Add all the Browned Chicken Pieces to the Vegetables 4-5 Stalks of Fresh Thyme 2 Pieces of Bay Leaves Stir in 80ml of Whipping Cream 150ml of Chicken Stock 250g of Ham 250g of Quartered Potatoes Season with a Pinch of Salt Pepper Bring the mixture to a Simmer After 1 to 15 Hours, the Meat should be soft and the Sauce – thick Allow the broth to cool Pre-heat the Oven to 200 degree celcius Beat 1 Egg Yolk with 1 Tablespoon of Milk for glazing Place the Pastry Sheet with the plastic lined side on the table Place the top of the bowl on the Pastry

Make sure there is about a 15cm circumference from the bowl for the folding of Pastry Portion the Broth into 4 Bowls Seal the Pastry on top of the dish by Pressing the Sides Brush the Egg and Milk Glaze over the Pastry Bake for 10 to 12 Minutes, or until the Pastry has puffed and is golden brown Garnish with Parsley

Source: Youtube

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