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Chicken Puffs , Egg Puffs and Veg Puffs pastry recipe in Tamil



Today, we are going to watch an evening snack It's very simple It's everyone's favourite ! I'm going to make three types of Puffs

Let's watch how I make them Let's make a basic and simple masala One onion, One tomato, 1tsp Ginger garlic paste, 1 Tbsp chilli powder, 1 Tbsp Coriander powder, A pinch of turmeric powder, 1 Tbsp garam masala, Salt as required To make the stuffing, we have chicken, For veg puff stuffing, we have frozen peas and boiled mashed potato And a boiled egg This is ready rolled pastry sheet easy to use Let's watch how make them

Add ginger garlic paste once the onions are cooked After the raw smell of the ginger garlic paste leaves, add tomato Let it cook well Onions need not be covered while cooking but we can close the pan after the tomatoes are added it helps tomatoes cook faster

Let's check if the tomatoes are cooked they are well done Add chilli powder Too much coriander powder makes the masala thick, so add just one tbsp Let's mix them welll Reduce the heat to low

Not to forget salt ! The masala is ready to make the puffs I've made the masala thick and dry We don't want the masala to soak up the pastry So the masala has to be dry To this base we are going to add egg, potato and green peas and chicken I've split the masala into three portions

Let's add chicken now Chicken cooks quickly! It cooks fast because it is a chicken breast Let's close the pan and cook Reduce the heat It only took 5 minutes for it to cook on low heat

Because it's in small pieces Garnish with coriander leaves Keep it aside Let's make potato and peas masala mix well This is boiled and mashed potato

green peas Add very less water as it is dry Give a stir to the potato, peas and masala Switch off the stove at this stage Now the masalas are ready this is potato, this is chicken, This is the masala for egg

Now let's watch how to use the pastry sheet We need a beaten egg for the egg wash And some plain flour to use when required Pre-heat as per the cooking instructions on the pack We will cook at 180 degrees on a fan oven for 10 – 15 minutes

Let's see how to make the puffs with the stuffings made, cut into different shapes! Gently roll the pastry to fix any cracks The thickness of the pastry sheet is just right, do not apply too much pressure! If the pastry sheet is sticky, dust with flour Place the egg over the masala Use the other sheet to cover Make a pattern by cutting through small lines

This is a beaten egg Brush the sides with beaten egg It helps the sheets stick together And also gives shine to the puffs Let's cover it

Let's apply oil before keeping the puffs Give egg wash to the pastry If you're a vegan, you may use milk instead Do not add too much egg, but brush it gently Let's make vegetable puff now

Let's try the usual shape that we get from a bakery The puffs are ready ! Goes well, when served with tea Let's check out a puff! Look at the sides, it's beautifully cooked ! Tastes great with a cup of tea ! Do try it and enjoy Hope you liked the puff making video If you like it, like, comment, share and subscribe to chennai to london channel

Source: Youtube

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