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Chicken Rice Wine Recipe SECRETS – Mom’s Homemade Rice Wine!



Hi, I'm Sara! My mother just taught me how to make this big pot of chicken rice wine We harvested fresh ginger from our garden and also used our homemade rice wine and another alcohol in this dish

Continue watching to find out the secrets to my mother's recipe! Hi, it's a Sunday I just woke up not long ago and my mom says she wants to make chicken rice wine for my relatives We planted some ginger at the back here Mommy What are you doing? I'm harvesting my ginger I can't see Sara: Show me, Mommy Mommy: There's a worm inside Mommy: There Earthworm Sara: Where? Mom: There! Sara: Wow, that's a lot! Sara: What is this? Mom: It's ginger! Sara: In Chinese? Mom: 'Kiong' Sara: In Malay? Mom: Errr Mom: Halia! Sara: Okay let's go and cook! Mom:Yeah! Sara: Mommy Mom: Hmm? Sara: What are we making? Mom: Wine

Chicken Chicken Wine Sara: Chicken wine? Sara: Sesame oil? Sara: Ginger Sara: What ingredients do we need? Ginger Chicken Black fungi (black mushroom) Mom: You can put (shiitake) mushrooms if you want to But it'll be a different taste Sara: How long should we fry this ginger? Mom: A few minutes Mom: Don't over burn it Sara: How do we know it's ready? Mom: You can see it's a little Mom: softer Mom: Then it'll be ok Sara: Ready now? Mom: Almost Sara: How long should we cook it? Sara: This is wood ear fungus (black fungus/ wood ear mushroom) Sara: Mommy, tell me about this wine Mom: Rice wine Sara: Who made it? Mom: It's made with glutinous rice

I made it Sara: Why are there eggs? [Cantonese] Mom: I feel like putting some eggs inside to braise [Cantonese] Sara: Oh, she wants to put some eggs inside to braise Mom: I'll add some water Sara: Mommy, why are we making such a big pot? Mom: They love it Sara: Give it to? Mom: Give it to your aunties Mom: So many of them Sara: Mommy, do we need this? Mom: Hmm? You can add some wine It'll be stronger Sara: Both? Sara: Both of them? Mom: Yeah Sara: Really?! Homemade rice wine Sara: and this whiskey? Mom: Yeah

You can put any wine Anything you want Sara: Can put any wine? Sure or not? Sara: Can I put vodka? [Cantonese] Mom: Vodka is not good [Cantonese] Mom: Whisky and brandy are ok [Cantonese] Sara: Looks good! Sara: Smells so good! [Cantonese] Sara: How is it? wow Sara: Oh smells so good now The color is good as well the color is nice let me show you the color speed red right nice is it done yeah done really this one you see if you're not strong enough all right all right oh nice chicken rice wine is done did you eat this a lot yes what do new mothers do eat a lot of nutritious food what they cannot do like cannot be for one moment what no cannot cannot wash your hair okay you bathe but you can't wash your hair so you didn't wash your hair for a month yeah long time after i give birth can i can i wash my hair no i need to use some more than method i think so i wash okay would you make this for me yeah definitely definitely yeah the more you soak it the tastier will be and then we will separate it into containers to send over to our show you some of our homemade rice wine my mother likes to put it in empty bottles her favorite bottle is this hibiki bottle but it's not whisky inside is rice wine for me why do you make it when you can buy it like it's better i think it's cheaper how much is one bottle 18 and number five um our homemade one homemade i think i don't know i'm definitely a super how do you put in this bottle your bottle look nice i like the bottle who taught you how to make this my mother will you teach my youtube friends how to make this quite easy yeah oh okay i mean ask them to write a comment if they want the recipe you can write a comment if you want the recipe if you enjoyed this recipe please give it a thumbs up subscribe and click the bell icon inside i want more sauce give the video a thumbs up give the video a thumbs up okay thank you Sara: Who are we giving this to? Mom: To Rina! Sara: Who is Rina? Mom: Sara's friend My friend too Rina: Hi i just want to say thank you so much for the meal it looks super super good thank you so much that's so good and i'm having kimchi for lunch thank you thank you Aunty!

Source: Youtube

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