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CHICKEN SALAD |FAB NEW DRESSING|Episode 191|Akshatas Recipes



and welcome to Akshata's recipes well today I'll be showing you all a very interesting chicken salad recipe which is really a meal in itself now it has some grilled chicken which has just been brushed with a little bit of olive oil we have some fresh lettuce leaves and special salad dressing which we are going to prepare which is delicious and they won't be using some toasted bread brown bread croutons for this very little oil and even though oil the using is extra-virgin olive oil so this salad is really a meal in itself you can keep all the ingredients like the dressing your grilled chicken and your courtons and your lettuce leaves ready and when you are really hungry you just assemble all of this together and you have a whole meal in itself so I hope you like this short and sweet recipe if you do and don't forget to give it a big thumbs up but those of you who haven't yet subscribed to my channel please do subscribe to my channel by hitting the red subscribe button and the share my recipes with family and friends and also go and check out all the recipes I have and I have segregated them into playlists like lunch and dinner recipes breakfast sweet items so go and check out the community so friends let's get ahead and do this amazing chicken salad now for the courtons I have toasted some brown bread in my toaster and just cut it up into small cubes like this now we're going to make the most important part which is the dressing for the salad now here I am crushing about four to five large cloves of garlic with a pinch of rock salt you can use ordinary salt too and I'm going to add about 1 teaspoon of pepper powder black roasted crushed pepper powder and I'm going to use a mortar and a pestle and I'm going to grind into this into a very coarse paste now I've also bought some lettuce and I have washed it first I soaked it in some salt water then thoroughly washed it wiped it and then put it into the refrigerator to chill for some time and then torn it into small bits now the paste is all ready we need a very nice and go space and the salt the rock salt helps to get this lovely consistency this adds an amazing flavor to the dressing this dressing is my husband Avicii it's own invention and it is just yummy now in a large bowl we're going to take some mayonnaise you can use the eggless one or the classic one so we're going to use about five to six tablespoons of mayo then add the paste of the garlic the pepper and the salt now we are going to add some mustard sauce which about 1 to 2 tablespoons you can always you know add as per what you like more of and all of these products are now available easily in any supermarket even the mustard adds an amazing flavor to this dressing now we're going to add one or two tablespoons of Sri Racha sauce the extra hot chilli sauce now goes in some Tabasco I'm adding about one large tablespoon you can add like I said as per your taste when this dressing is so yummy that we can even use it as a dip okay now goes in somewhat Chester Shire sauce three to four large tablespoons you can use this dip to have with you know some slices of cucumber carrot now goes in some pancake syrup three to four tablespoons or if you have the pure maple syrup you can add that too now we're going to whisk all of this very very well together so ensure that you have a large bowl and we're going to whisk all of this till all the ingredients come together into a lovely amazing sauce or dressing you can have this dip with you nowadays in the market you get so many different types of you know baked kind of like soup steaks or you have a lot of other things in different flavors so you can just have it with this dip and it just tastes amazing so you gotta whisk this very nicely for a long time for at least five to seven whole minutes because we want this everything to get well integrated together now we are going to add about one tablespoon of brown sugar again this is very very easily available now in all super stores or you can even order these products online and now we're just going to add some olive oil about two to three tablespoons just pour it in and as you're pouring just keep whisking this is also a very important part of the dressing the oil the salad oil which is extra virgin olive oil over here now I am showing you a chicken salad but you can always use either paneer or tofu or some chickpeas boiled chickpeas you can use any substitute instead of chicken this salad is such you know it's so filling that if you just make all of these ingredients keep them ready and you just get them together you can have it as a dinner as your dinner and it's so light and so healthy too so now our sauce is almost ready you now for the chicken all I have done is I've just taken some chicken boneless breasts and a little bit of olive oil in a pan and just cut them first cut them up into cubes and then just lightly sauteed it in some olive oil till the chicken is cooked and all I'm going to do is just season it with some pepper powder black crushed pepper powder a little bit of herbs and a little bit of salt you don't have to do much to the chicken to say ensure that it is well cooked now we are going to heat up our courtons and put a little bit of olive oil say about half a tablespoon and a little bit of herbs mixed Italian herbs and just get it nicely toasted on the pan because this gives the nice crunch element to our salad and make lots of it because you know everyone just loves the croutons in the salad store them and when you're ready to eat just put all of this together you can even carry it to coffee separately and then just assemble it all together and you have a full meal ready so we're going to toast this nicely in a little bit of olive oil this is really become a you know a hit at my house at my home all of us just love this chicken salad okay now we are going to assemble everything to take a large salad bowls first are going to put in the leaves the salad leaves the lettuce just tear it up roughly with your hands now we are going to add the curtains then goes in our chicken please ensure this chicken is cooked you can add as little or as much as you want you can substitute it with anything that's veg now I'm adding some shredded cheese you can leave this out if you don't want to add the cheese it's all optional you can even cube up the cheese into small little cubes tiny cubes and add that and now they're gonna just add this amazing dressing you can ask add as little or as much as you like and now all we're left to do is just mix all of this together and we have an amazing chicken salad all ready to eat so I hope you like this amazing recipe no very healthy recipe it has all the ingredients to make a healthy meal with if you don't want to go in to eat some heavy rice or chapatti and bhaji you don't cook heavy curry or something this is just the ideal lunch or dinner salad so don't forget to give this video a like if you really like this share this recipe with family friends make it at home and let me know in the comments box below how your chicken salad turned out and I'll see you guys in the next video bye take care you well friends don't forget to give this video a big like please do not forget to subscribe to my channel by hitting the red subscribe button you see below this video during the bell I can so every time I upload a new video you'll be the first one to know please share my recipes with family and friends do visit my channel for more than 215 videos and thanks so much for watching see you in another video take care

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