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CHICKEN SATAY (Street Food) RECIPE (ไก่สะเต๊ะ) – WITH NIN



chicken satay is a street food you can find everywhere in Thailand in this video I will show you all the secret how to cook chicken satay skewers at home, like a Thai! Sawadee Ka everyone, Monday, new recipe! I'm Nin, welcome to my channel before we start make sure you subscribe and click the bell so that you never miss a recipe if you have ever been to Thailand you have already seen these yummy chicken satay on skewers it's a very popular snack here and today I will show you all the steps including peanut sauce and pickles sauce are you ready? let's go! first we have to marinate the chicken toast coriander seeds cumin seeds and white peppercorn that will help to bring out the aromatics put in the mortar and pound it well cut galangal into small pieces finely chop lemongrass also, finely chop tumeric and toast it same as herb seeds bring to the mortar pound it well add some salt for the flavor, and it makes it easier to pound add palm sugar mix it well add white vinegar coconut milk and a pinch of salt then mix everything well lastly add some water start thinly slice the chicken and ready to marinate mix the chicken real with sauce I will let the chicken marinate in the fridge the longer the better but since I don't have much time I will let it marinate just 2 hours and, during that time I will prepare peanut sauce, and pickle sauce add oil in your pan once your oil is hot, add peanut stir until you start to have bubbles and a brownish color on your peanuts get rid of the oil and pound it make sure you leave some peanut chunks, it will be better add half cup of coconut milk when it's boiling, add massaman paste mix it well until it blends at your crushed peanuts, mix it well and add another cup of coconut milk add palm sugar and mix again add tamarind juice fish sauce stir until you see the red massaman paste making bubbles and it's ready now, pickle sauce thinly slice cucumber thinly slice chili and shallot boil vinegar with half cup of sugar let it cool down and pour it now, just have a nap it's ready after two hours the chickens absorbed all the sauce look at this let's make the skewers if you want to do like a street food, I show you already but if you want to eat it for real, have to be like this see how different? now let's go to the barbecue and bring some coconut milk with you also, kuddo to my boyfriend he's the one taking care of the barbecue for me and he's also the one filming and editing the video(s) if you like his work, drop a line in the comments put chicken on the grill and brush coconut milk on top when the first side is cooked flip it and brush the other side the chicken is very tender and tasty, full of flavor I really like it and for the peanut sauce I left some peanut texture, so you can have some crunch? peanut crunchy? very nice, yum don't forget to subscribe, and click on the bell to receive a notification when I add a new one (recipe) share, leave a comment and CHOP that like button thank you for watching, see you next Monday! Kob Kun Ka bye bye

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