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Chicken Soup : Easy Recipe : Simple Ingredient : Korean Food – Cooking 1101



Half a chicken Garlic Powder Salt Pepper Green onion Rinse the chicken under running water Remove fat from the tail part With gratitude Clean it carefully *After washing the chicken, clean the sink bowl completely with detergent Pour water into the pressure cooker Put the chicken in (You have a long leg) 1 tablespoon ground garlic pepper pepper pepper in moderation~ Fill it up to 1/3 of the pot Already done Fit the lid Push the button on the handle up to lock it Cook with high heat at first When it starts to boil Turn down the heat to the middle When the three upper button scales are raised Turn down the heat to the low Wait 15 minutes from now Chop the green onions while waiting When one is mastered, cut several at the same time Chop Chop Chop Chop Turn off the heat Wait for the button to go down When the second line disappears There is a limit to waiting And slowly push down the button on the handle Then water vapor is sprayed in front of the lid It's hot, so be careful If no more vapor comes out It's time to open the lid Well done! Take out the chicken and put it on a plate (Salt salt salt salt) (Pepper pepper pepper) Let's have a bite when it's warm Salty I took too much salt Then I can eat more Really Good! Blow Blow and separate the flesh from the bones I'm so hungry I can't wait to cool it down If you like something light, you can also remove the oil from the chicken Put the broth in a bowl Just pour Add the chicken And Add the chicken And Add the chicken more Season with salt and pepper Put the chopped green onions on top Voilà! It's done Stir well Let me have a try Horo-ro Lok Horo Lok It's time to put the rice in How delicious is it with kimchi? Enjoy! Ate well ♡ Thank you for watching♡ See you in the next video♡

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