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Chicken Sprite in Oyster Sauce



Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy! We are still here on our simple video series wherein we are cooking simple dishes And what we are going to cook this day is called Chicken Sprite in Oyster Sauce

This might be new to your ears, but don't worry because this dish is really easy to cook And here are the ingredients that we will be using for this dish One Whole Chicken We will also be using an Oyster Sauce This is the onion – chopped

Scallions or "Dahon ng Sibuyas" Garlic Sprite or any lemon limed soda Ground black pepper And aside from these, we will also be using soy sauce or "toyo" Cooking oil as well

Here is the complete list of the ingredients together with their respective quantities Are you ready? This would be so easy Let us now start cooking We will start by heating a cooking pot and at the same time put a cooking oil in it What we first need to do is to pan fry the whole chicken

So when the oil heated up, we will now place the chicken The size of the chicken that I am using here is just small We will just fry one side of the chicken in medium heat for about three to three and a half minutes It is just natural for the oil to splatter while we are frying the chicken We can use a splatter screen wherein we will just place it on top of our cooking pot or we could just cover the partially with a lid

What's important here is for us to create a small opening as a vent for our steam Now we can turn it upside down We will now flip the chicken and do the same procedure of frying the other side for about three to three and a half minutes We are just cooking the chicken partially and we will remove it later on We are doing the process of partially cooking the chicken so that we can avoid the tearing off of its skin while we boil it later on

We will just continue with the frying After that, we will just remove the chicken from our cooking pot I will be using a tong but you can also use 2 cooking spoon if you do not have a tong with you We will just place it on a clean plate and set it aside Using the remaining oil, we will now saute the onion and garlic

We will be putting the garlic first What I am using here is a garlic that I have chopped into smaller pieces I haved first crushed the garlic that I am using before I have chopped it into pieces We will saute the garlic first because I like it to be slightly roasted When the garlic gradually turns its color into brown, we can now put the onion

As you would notice, the surrounding slightly smells like garlic which turns to be a good scent This yellow onion that we are using were also chopped We will just continue with the sauteing until the onion completely softens And as you would notice, while the onion gradually softens, the color of the garlic gradually turns into brown as well And that is what we are intending

We will now pour in our lemon limed soda You can use any kind of brand We will also now be placing the "toyo" or soy sauce And we can now also add here our oyster sauce We will be mixing all the ingredients thoroughly while we are boiling it

We will just let it boil When it starts to boil, we will place back the chicken into our cooking pot This is the chicken that we have pan-fried earlier that we have partially cooked What we will do here would be very simple, we will just let the mixture in our cooking pot boil We will just cover the pot for it to boil faster

And after that, we will boil one side of the chicken until the liquid reduce in half Then, we will just turn the chicken upside down and continue with the boiling until the sauce completely reduces What we will be doing now is only to flip the chicken And as for this instance, I will be using 2 bamboo spoons to turn it upside down for us to avoid to tear off the skin of the chicken I am just afraid that the chicken's skin would tear if I would use a tong due to its slightly sharp edges added with some light pressure

We could not avoid to tear the chicken's skin but it would be better if the tearing would be kept to minimum What we will do now is to continue with the boiling of the chicken And it would be a great idea if we could put now all the other seasoning so that it can be absorbed by the chicken while we are boiling it The only thing that we haven't added yet is the ground black pepper so we will put it now Then we will just mix it

Mostly, I have added the ground black pepper into the sauce for it to taste quickly We will just continue with the boiling until the sauce thickens This is what we are intending to do Now we are ready We will be just placing a little sauce on top of our chicken

What will I do now is to slice the chicken in half and put it on a serving plate As you can see, it is just so easy to create this dish It would be better for me to eat this with lots of sauce Though this chicken tastes so good already since we have boiled it for a long time with the sauce and had absorbed its taste already, it would still be better to eat it if we have lots of sauce in it Now, we will just sprinkle it with chopped onion leaves or scallions

There you go It is much more enticing to eat This is now ready You must have the rice prepared already then we can serve it This is now our Chicken Sprite in Oyster Sauce

Let us now eat We will now taste it and I did only get a small serving of it Mmm~ This is the taste of a real chicken Delicious So much flavor in it

This is what I've tasted when I ate the chicken, the moment that the chicken touches my tongue, I have tasted the oyster sauce in an instant So delicious It is quite sweet in just the right amount which is not over powering And what is good in here is that the chicken is tender that it is not difficult to chew The taste is so delicious

Just in the right amount It is not that salty because we haven't add any salt Its saltiness only came from the soy sauce and the oyster sauce We have also added ground black pepper to balance its taste and for a bit of spice As for me, though this dish is so easy and simple, yet its taste is really delicious

It is as if when you have tasted the dish without watching this video, you would think that this dish is hard to prepare Just like that That is why I am sure that if you have tried this recipe and you have tasted it, you would really like it most especially if you would pair it with steaming hot rice This is really a winner dish I hope that you have learned a new simple dish this day

If you have liked our recipe, don't forget to like this video And if you are a new here in our Panlasang Pinoy Youtube Channel, I am inviting you to subscribe now Just click the subscribe button below this video and don't forget to allow the notification so that Youtube can notify you if we have newly uploaded videos Thank you very much to all of you for your unwaivering support Hope to see you all again on our next videos

See you soon!

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