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what's up what's up welcome back get a freestyle Friday coming at you pretty stoked about this one so welcome back to another freestyle Friday every single week we're gonna cook it my way recipe's are free you know we keep it hot so grab that pen and paper let me show you what I've got oh yeah chickpeas little beans so powerful on the scene mix it up on a bed of greens that's real the kids getting worse at the flows you might as well drop the mi

c and close the browser just kidding he's about to flow yet you know what's his name E Fitz where you're gonna go okay that's it welcome back to another freestyle Friday super excited I know that we've made a chickpea salad sandwich before that's no secret it's you guys have gone ham on that video it's your favorite video but we've made some alterations we're coming at you with our favorite lunch literally we have this at least twice a week let's get into it we're here in Kelowna and there's a serious smoke situation so I need to take some breathers throughout the show so let's start with a huge bowl and a couple of cans of chickpeas and we'll crack those open so I've been really not into pulling out the strainer lately it's just like another thing to wash so this is the way I'm doing bean and wash it right in the can save yourself a little time a little bit of dishes at the end so I run the water back through the can and then just shake them around in the can that's the same thing just makes your life a lot easier been life hacks we're gonna do two cans of chickpeas today and you got your chickpeas and we're gonna start right away with the masher best technique I've found for mashing chickpeas is really force the weight in from the back okay so we're gonna drop the bowl and we're gonna come down like this much easier just go in the middle start in the middle see I'm coming from my back it's a nice technique here if you guys are gonna send me pics this this is what wanna see I wanna see you mashing your chickpeas from the pack last chickpea salad sandwich recipe was very Mediterranean we threw all of them sun-dried tomatoes and we regular I don't remember but we also use avocado instead of Mayo so that's a great substitute if you're trying to stay lean but today we're gonna use milk and Tamayo is delicious and we don't have any avocado I'm out of breath dude even if you're not vegan I should try out vegan mayo literally tastes the exact same and zero cholesterol regular mail is full of egg yolk and there's tons of cholesterol in that so even if you can do little steps to make your life a little healthier try it out vegan male shout the Hellmann's thank you very much three knives for okay just like knives like that we're gonna have a look what's that mayor around you can Mayo is basically just canola oil just gonna add a little bit of flavor and help it all stick together that's it we're cutting ourselves off Afghanistan shape here you're still got a few little chunks so a little bit of crunch we're not over mashing it but that's beautiful I'm gonna just put that to the side and we'll start dicing pickles probably the most key ingredient so I'm just gonna cut that into like 6 and then just little pieces I know there's been a lot of comments about me dragging my knife on my cutting board so I apologize I gotta get used to the flip appreciate you guys let me know when I'm doing stuff wrong can always count on you I realize that I've taught you guys to tuck your tongue when you're cutting Tom your tongue tuck your tongue and it but with the pickles I find that it really helps hold them open so I'm willing to take the risk all right take your time if you don't whine a little slower I'm gonna go right into the ball hold my cutting board with two hands really nice that some grocery stores are starting to sell celery in single serves because we don't have room for a huge thing of celery I always like cutting the ends off just a little bit cuz they're a little stale I stole those shows up celery is another very important ingredient in the chickpea salad because it adds a real crunch plug your ears I keep saying like this one's the most key but this one is amazingly key Apple one of you messaged me saying hey man love your trick pea salad sandwich try adding Apple don't remember your name but thank you very much I will try out an apple and this is like a new staple for us little apple tip for you learnt this one from the camera girl you got to make sure they're crunchy so when you're going to pick out an apple on grocery store give it a nice squeeze euphy that all has give that one's not going in the cart you want to be nice and solid crunchy Apple makes a world of a difference jalapa know is going in next jalapeno is gonna add a nice little kick so I want to make sure I chop this up into little little pieces I might even add a little bit of jalapeno liquid depending where the consistency is that you're not a big fan of spice at all you can leave this guy out but for me I like it hot red onion raw it's gonna give it a nice kind of bitter flavor I love red onion I'm just gonna grab a quarter of this we don't need to overdo it so we can just sliver that then we can go ahead and dice that as well so when I will mix everything up black pepper has anyone gone out and bought an electric pepper shaker yet I know at least one you have will be an Amazon link for you below I'm gonna add seven shakes of salt as far as the consistency are looking for you want enough Mayo that everything kind of binds together and that will also translate as to how well you've mash your chickpeas so you can tell right now that everything's kind of sticking and that's exactly where you're looking for we can go ahead and taste that goes may float into heaven wow this is like the best stuff ever a picture of health absolutely delicious filling packed with the protein now the last time we threw it on a bed on a sandwich that's a great option today you know summer is ending it's not too late to get in shape so we're gonna do it on a bed of spinach served with like a few little triangles of PITA that's just how we're rolling today I'm just gonna lightly post those who's gonna grab this if a water well here for anybody watching this decides to toast things on pants as well just because I'm doing it works great but if you have a toaster boom that was a quick freestyle Friday guys that's how easy lunch can be the literal four-minute whip up you got all the ingredients chopped boom there you go the chickpea salad sandwich will stay good in the fridge for at least a few days so you can make it up in a big batch and bring it to lunch in a Tupperware container with a couple of chips and those are called chips little pita chips pita and you can just whip it up and there you go you've got a beautiful salad there's no need to add any other dressing you can grab a little bit of this a little bit of that I'm not kidding when you say we this twice a week it is absolutely delicious please please please try the recipes I know that was a quick one but I wanted to let you know about our favorite lunch subscribe to our channel if you're not smash the thumbs up if you liked this recipe we'll be at you next week with another freestyle Friday stay hungry friends take mini pics

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