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Chilli Beef Lettuce Wraps – Gordon Ramsay


[UltraVid id=98 ]chili beef lettuce wraps cooking should never be a chore the more you cook the more confident you become that way you actually start to enjoy it and that’s the key to good cooking have a bit of fun along the way this is minced beef and minced pork the pork needs to sit in there otherwise the beefs gonna dry out really important to season the mins before when you cook it pan nice and hot touch of olive oil mince in break it up like that really helps to sort of separate that throat and fry off with a lot of color just food just start breaking that up most important to remember this mince is made up of cheap cuts brisket belly short rib so it needs help and flying off the mince for colour is so important this pan wasn’t hot your mince is gonna boil it’s a horrible gray color on there there’s no flavor on your mince taste it over tastes delicious i seasoned deeply see how crispy is going take it much further than you ever taken mince before nice and crispy smells incredible I’m draining it is crucial that keeps the mince nice and crispy and you get rid of that excess fat now let’s wipe out the pan then wash it low gas now we’re going to add texture to mince finely chopped chilli ginger garlic and spring onions spring onions give the sort of mince very nice freshness cuz it just gives that crunch nicely thinly now for fire off the chilies the ginger the garlic first sesame seed or teaspoon only in garlic chili ginger in Y that off nicely the sesame seed oil just lifts up the whole flavor such a brown sugar that starts to really caramelize the chili the garlic and the ginger mincing now my fish sauce like is it the saltiness you see now why it’s so important to get that mince really crispy because nothing’s going soviets thing really crispy fresh lime it makes the mince fragrant and then lime juice roll it and squeeze out in there incredible a bit salty but the heat or that the sweetness now got this sitting this as well and then finally my spring onions in right the last minute so I’ve got crunch in there as well smells amazing literally cooked the mince now with sort of 30 seconds to go get off and take it out looks incredible smells so vital to go with a chili beef I’m making a simple sweet and spicy dipping sauce so everyone can dress the crispy mince to their own taste dipping sauce a teaspoon the brown sugar the soy sauce is a nice sort of dark rich color sesame seed oil a tablespoon and just top that up with a tablespoon of olive oil that stops the sesame seed oil becoming 2-inch a teaspoon of fish sauce and then a touch of chili you leave the seeds in again on the heat in our sauce so impressive and amazing shaf centerpiece lime juice in McKoy under chop it through once give that little mix up just check the seasoning hmm that’s lovely that’s enriched now the lettuce I’m gonna use baby Jen because it’s really nice and durable sort of quite strong so you just sort of sit these nice trimmed lettuce leaves around now the exciting part surf take your lettuce up spoon in few mins and then a little touch from dressing just a little drizzle nice and that’s the secret of having good easy relaxed food is that you just help yourself food that looks and tastes a million bucks doesn’t have to be complex this dish is as fun to cook as it is to eat [Music] take your figs and sort of place them in gently code white bait in the spicy flower mix then fry

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