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CHOCOLATE balloon dog How To Cook That Ann Reardon



Welcome to How To Cook That I'm Ann Reardon and today I'm attempting to make a balloon dog out of chocolate! That's right completely out of chocolate! So to start with let's make an actual balloon dog so that we can figure out our dimensions and where everything should be in all the angles So let's pump up a balloon

This bit here is going to become the nose and that's about how long I want the nose to be so then I want the ears to be about that big so we'll twist there, bend it and then we're going to squeeze in the middle here squeeze it together and then twist there So that gives you your nose and your two ears then we need a neck and the two front legs so we'll twist that about that long fold it and then twist that together at the bottom of the neck there and then we need to turn our head so that that's facing the right way Now we want to body and the legs need to be about the same length as they were at the front so I think around about there fold that and twist it there which is gonna leave our tail way too long on this dog 🐕 even if I make the body shorter I think the tail is gonna be too long I think the legs actually need to be longer it looks all out of proportion the tail looks too long the body looks too long and the legs look too short Now we don't want to do all the work of making a chocolate balloon dog and then ending up with something with weird proportions like that one had so it's important that you decide at the beginning how big each segment needs to be so that you can make each piece the right length so that when we put it all together it looks like a proper balloon dog We are actually getting a dog in the Reardon household a real live one not just two chocolate one We pick up a puppy tomorrow we've been waiting so long for it to be old enough since it was born 🐶 if you'd like me to do a separate midweek video so you can actually meet our puppy then I'm happy to do that just let me know in the comments so I know whether you would like that or not So I've got my balloon model but I still think the tail is a bit long so I'm just drawing here exactly what I'm after

now in real life the balloon is 37 centimeters wide but on my diagram it's only two centimeters so that means two centimeters equals three point seven centimeters or one centimeter equals one point eight five so now we can work out the rest of our proportions I'll put this picture up on the howtocookthatnet website for you so you don't have to do the maths Now that we've got the dimensions sorted now I've got to figure out how to make that out of chocolate 🍫 let's put some compound chocolate into a bowl and melt it in the microwave just thirty seconds stir 30 seconds stir until it's melted and there are no lumps pour that chocolate into a bottle and then pump up a balloon twist it to stop the air coming out and then you want to put that over the top of the bottle which I don't think we're gonna be able to do just because it's such a little balloon

Normal balloons would fit over this we're gonna need a smaller necked bottle Attempt number two I have put the chocolate into a sauce bottle which has a little top on it so now we can pump up the balloon again twist the top and put the balloon over the nozzle of the sauce bottle Then we can just let it untwist and decide on how long a piece we need measure that with the ruler and give it a twist Now gently squeeze on the bottle to get the chocolate into the balloon Now I can feel that balloon getting heavier so I know the chocolate is going in double-check the length that's looking good and now I just need to tie a knot in the end knots are always 💥chocolate everywhere! Attempt three on one of my other videos that have balloons there were three very intelligent people calling out Babette Williams Serrot Spikester and Piper who all suggested trying to see if putting a balloon inside a balloon made it stronger so I have been trying for the last ten minutes to try and put a balloon inside a balloon which because on this video I'm using long skinny balloons seems virtually impossible but I have discovered that if you inflate and then deflate the outside one it makes it bigger and if you fold the inside one in half you can slide it in fairly easily

Add in the chocolate now that's feeling much thicker and much stronger this time now to see if I can tie a knot it actually because it is thicker and stronger seems like it's going to be really hard to do because there are the two balloons 💥 aghhhh nuts! I've got to clean up all the chocolate again! Attempt number four I like the strength of the double balloon I think that could be a winner the problem comes when I'm trying to tie the balloon so this time I'm going to attempt clamping it instead of tying it so I'm going to tie a knot in a balloon at the place where I was twisting it to get the right length and clamp that into place, then pump up the balloon and check the length that I want it to be on the ruler I'll let it down a little bit just to get it just right and then add the chocolate into the balloon and then instead of trying to tie a knot this time I'm just going to twist it at the top and clamp it Now the chocolate is all in one spot that we poured it into the balloon so now we need to tip it upside down and make sure the chocolate is spread all around and everywhere and I'm really hoping that this doesn't pop as I do this! Keeping on going making sure that it's everywhere so we don't have the chocolate just on one half of the balloon and then put it into the freezer so that it sets quickly and it doesn't pop

You need to repeat that of course with all the other pieces that you need I got a bit bored of putting balloons inside balloons as simple as it was it was a little bit tedious so I wondered now that I'm clamping it maybe I could just use a single balloon instead of double and it was looking pretty good until I turned off the camera and then it popped 💥 So as tedious as it is you do need to use double balloons to make a balloon dog don't try this with single balloons unless you really enjoy cleaning chocolate off from around your kitchen! Last time I use balloons someone did ask me about the talc inside the balloons if you want to you can wash the outside of your balloon really well and dry it and then turn the inside out to get rid of any talc that could be on the inside of the balloon once those are set run a blade down the underside

The outside balloon will just come right off and then the inside balloon you can just peel that one off as well This is a satisfying part of the process peeling the balloons of all the chocolate pieces and you need 10 pieces altogether plus a little bit for the tail and to make that I just used an uninflated balloon and now I've got to figure out how to join these all together and can I make the dog stand up? So to start with I think we'll take the two legs and join them together To do that I've just heated a baking pan in the oven so I can just put the flat side of the balloon well they're not balloon the chocolate onto the pan and let it melt that side and then join the two pieces together We'll need to do that of course for both pairs of legs and the ears as well The ears on the top of the balloon dog are quite flat so I'm just going to melt off that little bit that's sticking up as well just to make sure it's a hundred percent flat on the top there

The tail sits in with the legs it's quite sort of jammed in there because it's a balloon so I'm going to use the corner of the pan to melt off the extra bits of chocolate that are there so I can make the dog's tail sit nice and close to the legs Do the same for joining the front legs and the body and for each join check the angle on the actual balloon dog to make sure you've got it on the right angle So now we have the body and the front legs and the back legs and the tail and we just need to join those two pieces together and I'm gonna use some melted chocolate for that join and instead of trying to melt it on the hot pan because it's getting a little bit intricate in there I forgot to make a nose for my dog that's really important it's gonna need a nose Push some chocolate into the tip of a piping bag and just leave that to set then take off the bag and cut a short chunk off at the tip and then cut that very pointy bit off too

Now pipe a dollop of chocolate onto some baking paper and add the he's pushing it down slightly so you get that perfect circular rim bit like the rubber rim on the top of a balloon Use some fabric to make a supportive bed for your dog so that you can hold the head in the right place while it's setting Add some melted chocolate into that join and then push the neck into place Then use a little bit of melted chocolate to add the dog's nose into place and then once that's all set lift up the dog and put the feet onto a hot baking tray to make sure it has a flat base so it can stand up by itself 🐩 Now I've never seen a chocolate colored balloon before so let's dust this dog with edible gold luster dust just gently brush it all over the dog This luster dust just kind of floats through the air as you can see there I had to clean my camera after filming this because it had a light dusting of gold all over it! Make sure you do put some baking paper on the counter to make the cleanup process easier

and it's done yay!! A balloon dog made entirely out of chocolate This would make a great gift if you boxed it up nicely to give to someone especially if there were a Jeff Koons fan with his balloon dog sculptures Those ones are a little bit on the pricey side so instead of giving them a resin one you can give them a chocolate one instead

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