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Hi everyone and welcome to Akshatas recipes today's recipe is a chocolate cookie recipe which has only three ingredients and it's made out of one of my favourite hazelnut chocolate you guessed it right it's Nutella and it's so easy to make it gets ready within about 15 minutes so if you're really hungry and you just want to have something sweet like you're watching a favorite movie and just be like dunkin some cookies in a chilled glass of milk then this is the ideal recipe to go to so friends we'll go to my kitchen and make this amazing chocolate cookies but before that let me remind you that if you like this video do not forget to give it a big thumbs up for those of you who haven't yet subscribed to my channel guys please hit that red subscribe button that you see just below this video to share my videos with family and friends do visit Akshatas recipes for more than 200 recipes so let's get started with this simple and yet delicious chocolate cookie so friends we are going to take about one cup of Nutella or 150 grams of Nutella in a bowl now we are going to crack open one egg and we're going to give this a good mix so that the egg gets well incorporated with the Nutella now we're just going to use all-purpose flour , we're going to use one cup but we're going to add half a cup at a time and mix it nicely into our egg and Nutella mixture so just fold it in nicely then you can add the remaining half cup which is again we're going to use one entire cup which is 150 grams so whatever quantity of Nutella you're using you're going to use the same amount of flour and if you want to make more cookies than if you're doubling doubling their quantity then add two eggs so now give all of this a good mix now we're going to add some choco chips into this but that is purely optional and now we are going to line a baking tray with some baking paper or parchment paper and now we're just going to take a little bit of the dough and roll them out into small balls and just space them out keep some space between each of them from the amount of flour and Nutella that I'm using I got exactly 20 cookies now once you've rolled them all out and space them out on the baking sheet just take a fork and lightly press it down to give it a nice design or impression on the cookie it surely makes it look very nice once it's baked and now all we have to do is just pop it into an oven and bake it for about 10 to 12 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius and there are cookies are baking and here they are already but let them sit on the tray for about five minutes and then we're going to transfer them onto a wire rack and it has to cool down completely for ten minutes that is very very crucial so that you get the perfect chocolate cookie so here we're going to transfer them onto a wire rack and let them sit there for about ten to fifteen minutes till they are completely cooled down and our cookies are all ready to eat after 10 to 15 minutes they look delicious and they definitely taste delicious and you can see that they're nice and soft at the center and they have a lovely crust on the outside they're really really crunchy I hope you liked this short and sweet recipe do stay tuned to Akshatas recipes I will be coming out with many many more recipes so do let me know in the comments box below how did your chocolate Nutella cookies turn out give this video a big thumbs up share my recipes with family and friends and do visit our cheetah's recipes because I've got more than 200 recipes and to make it easier you can go to the playlists don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven't already by hitting the red subscribe button that you see just below this video once you have subscribed not forget to click the little golden Bell so every time I come up with a new video you will be the first one to know so when you go to the playlist it's easier for you to find what you're looking for they're sweet the savory there's breakfast ideas there's Christmas recipes Diwali recipes and to all my viewers thank you so much for stopping by at Akshatas recipes have a great day guys thanks so much for watching and now with the Christmas season approaching soon I'm gonna be coming up with many more recipes be sure to go and check all the existing recipes that are there I have put up recipes for kukuks, milk cream marzipan Christmas cake neuris the list is endless and watch out for many many many more Christmas recipes coming up soon so I'll catch you guys in another video this is Akshata saying bye take care and have a great day

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