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Welcome to How To Cook That I'm Ann Reardon and today we are making a desk cake complete with cute little accessories to go on top that are all edible of course and we have an EPIC competition this week where you could win a laptop or your very own camera and I'll tell you how you can enter that competition at the end of the video Now today's video is sponsored by Wix Thank you Wix for that, there is a link to Wix below where you can get started creating your very own stunning website today I started my website seven years ago now and I never dreamt it would lead me where it has I didn't think it would be this popular

Now to make this cake the first thing you need to do is make up a triple batch of my rich chocolate cake and bake it in four trays While that is baking tip some tempered chocolate onto some alfoil and spread it out Once that is starting to set cut around the template and you'll find the template and all the recipe details on the recipe post on howtocookthatnet and there's a link to that below Round off each of the corners and then scrape your knife along the edges just to smooth them and round them a bit

then brush these pieces all over with silver luster dust on the front and the back Print the template designs onto rice paper if you don't have an edible ink printer there are websites online where you can order them and they'll print it for you and post it out Rub the back of the rice paper with a little bit of melted cocoa butter or you could use white chocolate and carefully put it into place Use some non-stick baking paper to press it down flat so that you don't rub on the image with your fingers and then pipe a thick line of chocolate along the back of the base Add the screen into place leaning it up against a wall to hold it on an angle there while that chocolate sets

Once it is set you can brush that line of chocolate at the back with silver to disguise it I started my website when my youngest was born during night feeds, I'd type out my recipes on my secondhand laptop one-handed but even with great technology I still love using paper to jot down ideas so we need to make a notepad Just cut a rectangle of white to the size shown on the template and then use your knife to draw lines down the side of the pages Roll out some cardboard coloured fondant if that even is a specific colour and cut it closely around the notepad so it looks like the back Using a metal skewer poke holes into the top of the notepad and then use a knife to make indents across the pad for lines and then roughly paint on some blue food colouring

Now use a damp piece of cotton ball to wipe off the food coloring and you'll end up with just the color that is sunk down into the indents so it looks like straight ruled lines Now for the tricky part take a thin snake of fondant and place it into the hole at the top and let it hang over the edge and then just trim it off Once you've put one of those into each hole lift up the notepad and tuck that fondant underneath use your knife to straighten them up so they're all roughly on the same angle now for the cup

roll a cylinder of brown fondant and make it about the size of the circle shown on the template then you want to wrap that in a strip of white fondant Mark where you're going to need to cut it, unroll it a little bit and then trim it across and roll it back up roll the snake of white for the handle and then use your finger to flatten it slightly and then shape it into the shape of your handle and trim it to length if it's too long like mine is and then use your knife to make sure that it's sitting straight and then you just want to leave that down flat for it to go firm

Add some cake shine to the top of your drink by spraying it onto some baking paper and then just letting it drip in Then add a couple of marshmallows if you've ever been out for coffee with me you'll know I don't drink tea or coffee I just like hot chocolates with marshmallows so that's what needs to be on my desk Put a rice paper 'make it a great week' on the front and then wrap around some baking paper to smooth that on Once your handle is firmed up you can add that to the side Book time! Trim a piece of fondant to make it straight on three sides roughly the size of you cover, a little bit bigger is good and again this is printed on rice paper using edible ink

Just rub on some melted cocoa butter and then carefully add the cover For those of you who are new around here you might not recognize this amazing novel this was written by Dave Reardon my husband together with input from the subscribers on this channel They chose what the bad guy's name would be, where one of the main characters was from, what movie they were watching at the movies so many things they were involved it was a very fun process it's getting rave reviews on Amazon so if you want to read a good novel that is a good one If you want to know why I didn't write a novel, I love maths, science and art English was never a subject that I was strong on so I'll leave that to Dave, he was a journalist he was the English wiz

Trim off the fondant to make it match the size of the book cover and then add lines just like we did around the notepad bend the corners up a bit so it looks read and not brand new and now onto the camera cut a short cylinder of black

When I started my website I took photos and video on my phone and back then that was not a good option, cameras were not HD on your phone the sound was terrible they've got heaps better since then It took me ages to save up for a proper camera like this sort of one

Make little indents all the way around and then make lines going the other way for separate sections like lens and focus and zoom and then you can cut that shorter make a smaller cylinder of black and wrap that up in a thin strip to make the lens cap and make sure it's round and then add it to the top now take a thick rectangle of black and squash it down in the centre using the back of a knife and make one side sit slightly higher than the other Then add your lens bit on top of that Using a thin straw cut some circles of black and add them to the top for controls and you can even make an indent for a dial and then leave that to dry out

okay let's get onto the desk we will need a support board for the top of our cake and that one's gonna run along here so our cake doesn't fall down in the middle On each side here this is tall so it's gonna need a support in the middle or the cake will just compress and squash itself So I'm going to use one of those on this side and one on this side half way up We'll take some taller ones if the support rods to go straight through the board and support this top one in place here but we've also got some shorter ones that are going to sit underneath here just to stop it squashing down So we'll have cake support cake support and then cake on top

Put your first two pieces of cake into place and check that they are in the right spot because everything is lining up with this use your top board to make sure it's straight Then add some jam and some buttercream and stack your first three layers of cake Push in the two short support rods then place the board over the top and do the same on the other side then poke the longer supports right through down to the base Add a little buttercream and then add the next layer of cake and continue to stack your cake up right to the top Now before we put the top support board in place I want to cover the underneath with fondant and I'm doing it now because it's actually quite tricky to put fondant smoothly underneath something once it's in place, whereas when it's flat like this you can just use a rolling pin and it makes it really easy to get it smooth and perfect looking

Before I put the fondant on I did rub a little bit of water onto the board just to make that fondant stick then you can just trim along the edges and then we can put the cake board over the top and the underneath looks perfect Spread on some buttercream and add your final layer of cake now this is a big cake this is enough to serve around 60 people so make sure you scale it down if you don't have that many people coming to eat it now you want to cover the whole cake in buttercream making it as flat and straight as possible and then we're going to put that in the fridge to let that buttercream firm up a bit If you have a fondant extruder make a long hexagonal shape and then stretch it out nice and straight Also make a black cylinder and stretch that out perfectly straight too

Cut some little strips of black fondant and then leave all of that to dry out we'll come back to it in a minute make more snakes of black and wrap them around something so that you can get a consistent shape This is just an SD card holder, you could make something out of cardboard, just anything so that everyone is exactly the same because this is for the handles and they're going to be above each other and if they look different it's not going to work okay back to our pens cut a little piece off and make an indent for where the lid should be, then using water add the tiniest piece on top then brush one of the little strips in silver and carefully add it onto your pen Add a tiny ball of fondant to the end of the pencil for an eraser then add another lighter colored ball to the other end and shape it into a point Now add a strip of black around where the eraser joins the pencil and lightly brush that with gold luster dust Dip the tip of your pencil into black gel food coloring and then leave it to dry

now back to our handles pipe some chocolate over the middle of them and then lift them up so the chocolate drapes around it and move it to a clean spot So you just need to lift each one up give it a gentle shake back and forth and move it over Once that's set pipe two dots of chocolate and place the handle on top I actually want the middle decoration to be a little bit thicker on each handle so I'm going to add another bit of chocolate either side A lot of people ask me in the comments "well who taught you how to make cakes?" well to be honest I haven't been to any cake decorating lessons at all and when I started doing cakes there were no videos on YouTube about cakes either

I just made it up so I'll look at the object I want to make like a handle and then just decide what I need whether it's chocolate or fondant or what's gonna be the best thing to make that shape I'm dusting all of these handles in copper luster dust you could just leave them in black and brown if you prefer though Now to the top of the desk it sticks out slightly beyond the edges and it has sharp corners so I'm going to make that very top layer out of chocolate

So let's pour that out and leave it to start to sit and then you can cut it to size Cut a strip of white fondant to the height of the top drawers and spray it with vegetable oil so it doesn't stick to itself and roll it up then unwrap it around the cake it kind of looks like I'm putting a bandage on the cake

Squeeze the corners to make them nice and sharp and then use a fondant smoother to flatten it out Wrap the fondant around each side of the desk and sharpen the corners and just flatten it out like we did around the top Trim the fondant around the base and you have a white desk but I want to make a wooden desk In real life I actually do have a white desk but my mum has this amazing handcrafted antique wooden desk that even has secret compartments in it it is so super amazing I would like to show it to you but she lives on the other side of Australia so I'll show you another time

Paint the whole thing with diluted brown food coloring working on one section at a time just add some darker patches and then drag your paintbrush up and down and you can see that as the food coloring starts to make the surface of the fondant a little sticky you get this pattern as you drag the brush across it that looks like wood Once you leave it it will go dry again it's not going to stay sticky but it just lets us get this pattern in it Add a layer of fondant over the top chocolate piece trim it to size and then brush it with coloring just like we did for the other sides Add snakes of brown to outline the drawer fronts and just use a ruler to straighten them up Then super carefully add your handles into place being very gentle so that you don't break them

Add the desk top piece on top and then add your accessories the laptop of course has to go in the middle so that you can work at the desk and then the hot chocolate can go just to the side there I'm going to put 'The Deep Enders' book there and the notepad and pen for ideas at the front

and then extra pens because they always seem to disappear off my desk and a year planner I like to use this to write down what videos went up when and how many of views they got in the first week and all that sort of stuff and then a rice paper envelope with a letter I love getting letters in my PO box and I always reply to them, they're very special

And a pencil and of course a camera Now to enter the competition where you could win your very own laptop or camera you need to create your own website using a Wix template and then fill in the entry form before May 30 with a link to your new site so that I can see it Your site must have a home page and a post of at least 50 words and a photo or a video of yours and the competition will be judged equally on those three things For more details see the entry form and there's a link to that below It can be a recipe site or it could be nothing to do with food your website can be about whatever you want it to be about

For those of you who the very thought of making a website sounds impossible don't worry it isn't that hard and I didn't want anyone to miss out so I've even made a howto video taking you through step by step how to make your website and you can click here to watch that video, click here for the entry form and here for more of my cakes and there's a link in the description below to take you directly to making your own Wix website Thanks to Wix for sponsoring this video and supplying the prizes Make it a great week and I'll see you on Friday 😀

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