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Chocolate Eclairs Recipe Demonstration –


[UltraVid id=450 ]hi I’m Stephanie Jaworski of joy baking calm today we’re going to make chocolate eclairs and this is a chocolate eclair as you can see it’s got a nice crisp pastry shell that’s filled with pastry cream and then topped with the chocolate glaze now we’re going to start by making choux pastry so pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit which is 200 degrees Celsius and then this is a little unusual pastry and that we’re going to cook it first and then bake it so just in a medium saucepan put a half a cup that’s 120 milliliters of water along with 4 tablespoons 55 grams of butter have it at room temperature and cut it into small pieces so it will melt faster and then I’m just going to put this over medium-high heat and we’re going to bring it just to a boil stir it every so often you want the butter to melt before the water boils because we don’t want a lot of evaporation here so while that’s cooking in a small bowl place 1/2 a cup that 65 grams of all-purpose flour may know that is plain flour and to that just add a half a teaspoon of granulated white sugar and a quarter of a teaspoon of salt and just whisk that together okay then we’ll just bring that to a boil okay it’s at a boil so just take it off the heat and then add your flour mixture all at once and then you can use either just a wooden spoon or I’m using a heatproof spatula just stir that in it’s going to look awful lumpy and bit of a mess but that’s the way it’s supposed to be so now what we’re going to do is just put it back onto the heat I would say like medium low and then stir it constantly what we want is to just form a smooth ball of dough and you know it’s ready because there will be a thin coating of flour on the sides and bottom of your saucepan and that’s you know we just want the flour to cook a little and little evaporation of the water so just keep stirring it you can see it’s nice smooth and then you you can see it’s starting to stick so that’s when I know it’s done pretty simple okay just turn that off so now what we’re going to add some egg but this is a little hot right now so what I’m going to do and if you have an electric stand mixer like I have here use your paddle attachment or you could just use a hand mixer or really you can just do this pastry by hand what I’m going to do is just beat it on low speed just to cool it down release the steam and just till it’s lukewarm that will take maybe a minute it’s two minutes so you could easily do this by hand okay kind of felt the sides of the bowl it’s not hot anymore so I’m just going to just feel it and it’s lukewarm so we’re ready to go this is just what it looks like so now what we’re going to do is add two large eggs so in the separate bowl have them your eggs at room temperature and then just lightly deep them you can I’m using a wire whisk you could just use a fork for this and what we’re going to do is gradually add the beaten egg you don’t want to add it all at once because with this pastry it has to be at the right consistency so we may not need all of our egg we want it to be like a really thick paste so I’m going to add most of it but not all of it now I’m going to have my mixer running but medium speed gradually add the egg now your pastry will come apart and look kind of curdled lumpy don’t worry that’s why it’s supposed to just keep beating and it’ll smooth out I’m just going to scrape I’m just going to show you what it looks like see it’s kind of curdled that’s very normal don’t worry about it just keep beating so you can see it’s starting to form a nice paste it’s going to be it a little more and then check it to see if I need to add all of the egg yeah so here we are we wanted a little thinner than that so I’m going to add this is the rest of the egg one more check here I think it looks good okay yeah that looks good nice kind of hangs on the spatula and then falls off in a thick ribbon so that’s what you’re looking for okay pretty easy easy pastry once you get the hang of it very simple so now we’re going to pipe the shells that we need so I have a pastry bag just fit it with a plain tip I mean if you didn’t have a plain tip you can just if you’re using a disposable pastry bag like this you just cut the end off you don’t ask really plain tip going out so you need them so I’m just going to fold that back and put okay so now because I want we’re going to have to pipe long lines for the eclairs and I like to make them all the same size so I made a template so just take a piece of parchment paper and I just drew this amount of pastry we’ll make 12 eclairs so I made 12 lines I’m making these about three and a half inches long which is eight and a half centimeters so do that and then put that down and then put your piece of parchment over top and then you can kind of use that as a guide if you’re really good then you probably don’t even need that now I’m going to pipe the you want it about 3/4 of an inch wide which so two centimeters and have your bag at about a 45 degree angle when you’re piping even pressure and then just so I told that it’s like so and then we come to the end just stop and go back okay now I’m only going to get 11 because I must have typed them a little wider than 3/4 so not that it matters really so now I like to brush the shells the dough with a little egg wash before I just beaten egg actually before I put them in the oven and what that does is one will get nice browning of the shells and two I can use the brush to smooth out any imperfections in my piping and then just nice light coating there we go so now into the oven so we’re going to bake them for 15 minutes at 400 degrees and then we’re going to drop the temperature down to 350 degrees Fahrenheit which is 180 degrees Celsius for somewhere around 25 minutes so the 15 for the first we’re baking them at a high temperature and that will get quick rise of the pastry and then the shell will form and then we’re dropping the temperature down and then that will dry out the inside so what you’re looking for at the end nice golden color and if you break one in half it will be dry and almost dry inside okay shells I think they’re done but what I’m going to do just to show you I’m going to take one and just break in half because that’s really the best way you can tell okay so as you see there’s a little bit of moist batter still inside just a little so really that’ll be fine I could just let them sit on the cool like this if there was a lot of wet batter what you can do is take a toothpick or a skewer put a couple holes in the bottom and then put your baking sheet back into the oven turn your oven off and leave the door ajar and just let them cool in the oven cool down and then that way they’ll dry out a little more so when we come back I will make the pastry cream so now we’ll make our pastry cream so when the heat proof Bowl have three large egg yolks and have those at room temperature and then whisk in a quarter of a cup 50 grams of granulated white sugar make a paste and then over top you want to add just a pinch like an eighth of a teaspoon of salt I’m using a kosher and then we need a thickener for the pastry cream so I’m adding two tablespoons that’s about 20 grams of all-purpose flour you may know those plain flour and I’m just going to sift that over the top along with the scant two tablespoons about 15 grams of corn starch you may know that corn flour so I’m sifting just in case there’s any lumps and then just whisk that in and then meanwhile I have warmed one and a quarter cups which is 300 milliliters of milk I used a whole milk because I want a nice rich flavored pastry cream I have used like a reduced fat 2% of course your cream your pastry cream won’t be is rich tasting so just bring your milk just almost to the primer is about to foam up and then we’re going to whisk it in keep whisking because you don’t want to cook your eggs now if you did happen to get some curling of your eggs just strain your mix your mixture before we cook it don’t worry about it pretty easy there so now we’ve got to cook it a bit we don’t want a flour taste to our cream so just pour it into a saucepan now you will have to whisk this constantly as it’s cooking because again we don’t want to cook our eggs so just over medium heat we want to bring it up to a boil whisking constantly okay I can start to as I whisk it’s starting to get thick so and it will get a little lumpy don’t worry about that just keep really stirring just your heat if you need to and what we’re going to do is just keep whisking until it gets quite thick now maybe 30 seconds I’ll be no more than a minute depending on your heat see you can see starting to thin out it’s a lumpy so just you know your arm gets a little exercise here okay so that looks pretty good nice and thick okay you want to cook that flower so you don’t have that flower taste that’s why we have to do this so I’m happy with that move so now I’m going to add one teaspoon of pure vanilla extract if you wanted you could add you know splash of your favorite look cure you could also if you wanted to make this a chocolate pastry cream at this point just fold in two ounces 55 grams of finely chopped either semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate so that’s our pastry creams just going to pour it into now of course we have to let this cool down and actually most of the time I make my pastry cream the day before so then I don’t have to do everything the damn making my eclairs because what we need to do is cover this let it cool to room temperature and then put it in the fridge for a couple hours until it gets really firm so that’s why I usually make it the day before so there so when we come back we will make the chocolate glaze and then assemble our eclairs so now for our chocolate glaze in a heat proof Bowl put two ounces that’s 55 grams of finely chopped either semi-sweet or a bittersweet chocolate and then pour over top a quarter of a cup 60 milliliters of heavy cream heavy whipping cream or you cream with a 35 to 40 percent butterfat content and heated to when really hot till almost starts to foam up and then we’re just going to so essentially we’re making a ganache but what I’m going to do because if you don’t eat the eclairs right away they have to be refrigerated and we want to keep our chocolate glaze nice and shiny and soft so what I’m going to do is add a one and a half teaspoons of light corn syrup you could use a golden syrup a liquid glucose or you could probably even use a honey a mild flavored honey just went to something so that keep that chocolate soft in the fridge and then I’m also going to add just a little flavoring a quarter of a teaspoon of vanilla extract you don’t have to add that you don’t want to so essentially that’s our chocolate place so once you have that then your pastry cream now I made my pastry cream yesterday so when you take it out of the fridge it’s going to be like very solid so you will have to take a whisk and really make it a little soft and get rid of any lumps you can just use a wire whisk or your spatula but you still you want it cold because I’m going to pipe it so it has to be quite firm I’m going to put it in to a piping bag I’m going to use a star tip for this just to make it a little fancy you can just spoon it in you don’t have to pipe it if you don’t want to okay so that’s ready the assembly line here and then for you take your shoe pastry and with a sharp knife now some people I’m going to cut mine in half I find a lot easier you could just insert your your pastry tip into the sides or the bottom and just squeeze the pastry cream into the Eclair I find it much easier just to cut them in half now if you had a little bit of wet don’t you could just a little is fine just take it out so there we have take my pastry cream and just pipe it in as much or as little as you want I don’t like too much cream I find that’s a boat right for me and then just take your top and just dip it into your chocolate and then just kind of hold it and let the excess drip off so there you have it and you have your Eclair now if you’re going to eat this some people like to assemble their Claire’s shortly before they eat them and that way your choux pastry is really quite crisp and that your chocolate will be quite sharp tasting personally I like to assemble them at least a couple hours before because I like the chocolate to kind of soften in its flavor and I actually like the choux pastry a little softer you can actually store them for a couple days but I’m going to try one anyway now oh that’s really nice the nice crisp pastry you’ve got the crew the vanilla flavored cream and the chocolate it’s pretty good so until next time I’m Stephanie Jaworski of joy baking calm

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