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Chocolate Phosphate Soda Pop Syrup Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking



welcome friends today in the kitchen studio we're going to do another one in the series of soda pop videos that we've made and today we're making a chocolate pop although historically this would be found in pharmacist notebooks called a chocolate phosphate so in this pot I'm starting out with some water to the water I'm adding sugar and this is cane sugar and put that in and I've got this on sort of a medium high heat now I've got some cocoa nibs and the cocoa nibs go in while that starts to go up to temperature I have half of a vanilla pod and I'm just going to cut that open and scrape out the seeds now the pod and the scrape seeds go into the pot I'm just gonna give this a stir Oh salt you also need a pinch of salt so I'm gonna get that and put that in as well now we don't really want to bring this to a boil you just want to bring this up to just below a boil and simmer it until the sugar is dissolved and then we're gonna remove it from the heat and let it steep for fifteen or twenty minutes okay now I have a second pot and to that I'm going to add some cocoa dried cocoa powder unsweetened of course that goes in and then I'm going to strain the liquid from the first pot into the second pot so I've got a fine mesh strainer and we'll just pour that in okay now give that a whisk you'll put it back on the heat we're gonna bring this to a boil we're gonna whisk it constantly and boil it for about two minutes okay that should do it so I'm going to pour this out into this glass measuring cup and then I'm gonna stick it in the fridge to chill before we taste it then this looks all chocolatey yes we are having a chocolate phosphate it's called the chocolate phosphates so I have acid phosphate that I get from my friend Darcy and I will link to that below he makes this out in London Ontario ok now I haven't put the phosphate you know we have to still put phosphates let's check it before we put the phosphate in and see what it tastes like it smells chocolatey mm-hmm so we just put a couple of drops of acid phosphate in each glass oh I have a spoon great give it a stir needs well probably not too much that brightens the flavor you don't like it well I can't really describe ok first of all I can't really describe what the acid phosphate did to the flavor it it seems like it filled it in which i think is the word I used last time you did this it changed kind of fills in the flavor it definitely changes the flavor now I'm gonna put an extra squirt in mine and see if that catches it again chocolatier ok so there's there's cocoa nibs in it ok and there's cocoa um you don't like cocoa big fan of cocoa yeah I know which is odd right I mean it's a very subtle difference between cocoa and chocolate and all these other flavours but there's something about cocoa wait don't oh ok two squirts of acid phosphate so I'm not I don't think I'm a fan you know would say I'm it's not it's not my favorite either I mean this this was all the rage in the late 1890s or so this this chocolate phosphate you find it in all kinds of different pharmacy recipe books but I can see how people like it though I can see how it would be very popular to a lot of things that are popular and I'm not fond of to me the chocolate is a little the chocolate flavor is a little thin and it's a little bit too much like cocoa without the fat does that make sense it is and this is might be your bias you might inherently always associate chocolate flavor with beef that fact that that fact filling in your mouth that yeah in that same way that people associate vanilla with being sweet yes so I think if you're exploring pop like we are this is gonna try this is fairly easy right yes um you know someone it's like a melted fudgicle I really will kind of like fudgesicles they make fudgesicles anymore I haven't seen a fudgicle fudgesicle in a long time anyway thanks for stopping by I hope to see you again soon take care you

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