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hey everyone welcome back to my channel Vanessa here! today I'm sharing with you the most amazing thing ever, in fact we're making mini ice cream cakes but these aren't your usual ice cream cakes! nope, these are chocolate and peanut butter ice cream cakes! Have I convinced you yet? really? No? well these are made with only two ingredients, are vegan, are super easy are healthy! so about now? are you convinced yet? well you should be! the cream cakes are just I don't know how to describe them, you have to try them! we're gonna use frozen bananas and cocoa powder, there's a mild banana flavor but you know there's peanut butter as well so it's a great combo! the ice cream has a nice consistency it's creamy it's kind of moussy and if you know me a bit you know I love mousse! so seriously guys go make this recipe as soon as possible I just love this recipe it's easy and yummy and I'm sure you'll love it too if you make it don't forget to let me know in a comment down below and if you're new to my channel please don't forget to subscribe! you don't have to do it for me! just do it for the ice cream cakes! the ice cream cakes deserve the world yep they deserve the world so just make them proud and subscribe alright I'll stop talking right now I'll leave to the recipe and I will see you next week, bye!

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