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Chronic Cooking with Expert Joints How to Make Weed Butter



Marijuana butter If you eat dishes using cannabis, When I wanted to make a little baked goods, Butter which decocted marijuana is one of the first things that you need So let's make it! There are many ways to make this marijuana butter, this time it is my favorite recipe In other recipes there are also ways to use cooking oil and coconut oil, but here are almost the same Since the taste of cannabis becomes too strong, it becomes easy to burn, so we do not recommend a clock pot (low temperature cooker) So I warm up with indirect heat with a double boiler (or hot water) Basically I use one ounce (about 28 g) of marijuana to make a cup of hemp butter You can adjust this amount according to yourself As a thing to use, you can use any form of cannabis such as bads, key fish, hash, etc Since it is popular and effective to use leaves at the bottom of bags and trimming, I will use it today

Breast cannabis, Place it on the baking sheet and evenly spread it Heat in the oven and "decarbonate" it What? By adding heat to cannabis, THC is activated Other cannabinoids are also There are several ways to do this, The answer is 20 people I put it in an oven for 1 hour at 240 ° F (about 116 ° C) Melt one butter of half a cup with a double boiler (or hot water) Add decarbonized cannabis and mix Since the material sucks a little butter, it is better to use butter a little While sometimes mixing, simmer for 12-72 hours with the effect and taste strength of cannabis taste Keep away from the fire, I strain it Cheesecloth (rough gauze) is useful Squeeze as much butter as you can, Filter it again with a coffee filter, Remove the remaining small particles We measure the amount of hope in the vessel and refrigerate it Use this as a recipe instead of regular butter, Just enjoy it! Easy, is not it?

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