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Coconut Modak Mothagam Kozhukattai Recipe in Tamil



Coconut Modak Mothagam Kolukattai Recipe in Tamil Today we are going to see how to prepare coconut kolukattai In a bowl take 1 cup of rice flour

Add little salt and mix well Boil water and add water in parts and mix well The outer dough is ready and we are going to prepare the stuff Dry roast grated coconut in a pan Add 1/4 cup grated jaggery and if you want it more sweeter you can adjust the jaggery accordingly

Jaggery will melt in the heat of coconut, you can add cardamom powder We have prepared both the outer dough as well as stuffing I am using mould and you can make it in your favourite shape Grease the mould with oil Stuff the dough inside the mould from the bottom as I do make a hollow in the middle and add the stuffing in it and seal it with dough

Kolukattai is ready in the shape of the mould we used Steam it in a steamer or idly cooker Keep the prepared kolukattai one by one in the steamer Steam it for 15 minutes and kolukattai is ready to serve

Source: Youtube

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