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coffee | home cafe vegan recipes (ice latte, dalgona, matcha cream latte, affogato)



ice, cold bru 100 ml, nut milk 150 ml Pour coffee and just add milk! hot water, instant coffee, sugar 1: 1: 1, ice, milk mix water, coffee and sugar until golden pour milk and put the resulting coffee cream into a glass ice, cold bru 100 ml, nut milk 150 ml, coconut cream 2 tsp, date syrup and a little vanilla extract pour coffee add milk add coconut cream add some date syrup and vanilla extract coconut cream 100 ml, matcha powder 2 tsp, sugar 1 tbsp, ice, cold bru 150 ml, a pinch of salt mix cream with matcha and sugar (1-2 minutes) pour coffee and add the resulting cream and a pinch of salt! hot coffee, coconut ice cream (I had homemade from matches) put ice cream in a cup and add coffee

simple but delicious!

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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