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Comment réaliser un brownie sain? (Théorie et Pratique) English Subtiles available



What's health? It’s for health Health? It's vegan so? No! So, what healthy means? Hello! It’s Frenchie Bunny! So, what “eat healthy” means? Hard to answer to this question because actually, what is healthy, is to eat a little bit of everything

I’m kidding but, actually this is pretty unclear and not that easy to follow That’s why, we are going to clarify some important points, and this, with a recipe of… Brownie! Yes! A brownie can be healthy! Of course, it is less healthy than an apple or an artichoke, but we can cook a brownie healthier than its traditional version Let’s compare the both versions ingredients Butter is very bad in a big quantity for the arteries because he contains saturated fatty acids which increase the risk of cardiovascular accidents Dark chocolate for pastry we find in general in mall contains only 55% of cacao and so more sugar, what is less good and increase the glycemic index

White sugar doesn’t bring anything except calories and increase a lot the glycemic index White flour contains a few of fibers and few interesting nutriments for health and without its natural fibers, it increase a lot the glycemic index While for our healthy version we have: Olive oil which is full of antioxidants which protect from the bad blood cholesterol Dark chocolate with at least 70% of cacao which is rich in phosphorus and magnesium which are tonic and stress control Coconut sugar which comes from the coconut flower sap

We can find it in organic shops This is a sugar which doesn’t increase the glycemic index a lot Whole flour which is not refined and so rich in fibers which allow to not increase a lot the glycemic index The traditional brownie have more interesting nutriments and increase the glycemic index in our blood what will create a bad reaction in the time Explanation: The glycemic index is an indicator of the sugar’s quantity in blood If we eat something which contains a high index glycemic there will be a lot of sugar in the blood

This increase of sugar in the blood will make the body react It will create insulin to reduce the sugar’s level To reduce it, the insulin will store the sugar’s surplus in the fat cells and make you fatter After this reaction the blood sugar is very low and we feel very tired and we want to eat again because we need sugar If we eat low glycemic index food, we can avoid the body reaction because the sugar is distributed while a long time and progressively, giving energy while a long time without energy drop

So this is the best way to not snack So, it’s more interesting to eat a healthy brownie After the theory, let’s continue with the recipe Pretty simple, we add all the ingredients together, we mix them, put in a mold and in the oven I hope I was clear and understandable about the nutritional points

I am not a doctor, but those informations can be useful if you want to eat healthier Don’t hesitate to comment this video, to ask question about something unclear, or if you think this video was useful, about what you would find in my next videos, and if you want to see it and to learn more, follow me ! Thank you very much and see you soon!

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