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Wow what a happy birthday Today you do well

Here with Puma Nader on 108 life hacks [Music] And guess what now? Morning and I want to have some Wow breakfast is pretty busy in this, but I That means no I'm just gonna Find out what I bought yesterday I will put it here ah here This is my cute hot dog from a Supermarket waiting for me just arrived

Something interesting, so while ago I Seeing people on YouTube is the reason There's someone on YouTube who he's hot The dog in the condom is not attractive it So today I'm going to find out how hot Dogs will taste like after boiling It's okay in a condom, so here we go

My condom is very cute condom The table and of course the hot dog I'm going to Put a hot dog into a condom Now, but before we start Please make sure to subscribe to this information If you have not turned on Movie patience goes down there so you see All my new videos by the way

They came out right, we got it Initially I would have to Of course I will have to hot Dogs leave the package here we go alrighty here we go Very fragrant It's smoked, but I'm also curious How to taste after receiving Boiled up in condoms should be Better than a better way

alrighty this is my lovely hot dog Now it's time for condoms How will I clean up so it will not Any lubricant in the condom Although it can be eaten and it is not Harm to you, I'll just clean Up here we go

[Music] Oh this is my favorite one Okamoto 003 Millimeters, even the last time yes It's not so durable, so let's look at each other better What if we were cooking? [Music] huh can you see how thin it is I'm thin, I'm not sure how good It is made during cooking but We will see [Music] Maybe this is good for bad people only Let's see [Music] [Music] Okay, now I get my condom clean here We go oops here we go hmm i gotta get The hotdogs in this are somehow asking

Okay, here we go, hottie you Must be in the signal now Oh, oh, oh Shit crap [Music] alrighty it's time to get serious Okay, let me give you the weather now Need to tie it up so this will be? We put hotdogs in condoms like this [Music] Here goes one two three four That should be enough for my breakfast alrighty this is my pot here we go I will come back when boiled water I will come back so now I have water

Boiled up as seen before Even when I was blowing a condom I feel like I eat something chapstick is making my lips Here I never thought to eat something Of chopsticks such as chopsticks

Yea anyways i anyways i gonna say i Never thought to eat chopsticks here We go in Let's see how it goes You can see it boiled up Very embarrassing thing, really, sorry Not sure if the condom is broken? Soon, but I will keep it No matter what Okay, just turn the stove over

The lowest and one moment I think Condoms will somehow break right My face, but it's still good now Not broken or anything I will give it Three minutes to get yourself Boil it up and let us see what is going on

Happened three minutes later Holy crap I just noticed a condom Boom I do not know if it will explode But look creepy, I do not know what shit it is I do not expect it to be so big

This is great if you want to get it The beaker boiled itself up just for a Minute in three minutes Of course I'm gonna beaker I mean I That means your fingers will get fingers Of course [Music] mmm is not that good More than Let's see How should I get this? Ok we go here we go here we Go here we go here we go here we go Last one, yes this is the point Video playback time Shit shit good to make sure I can not

Believe me You can not believe it You will not believe me if you do not try This at home, then this condom It can not be cut Come on at least one

I know about this condom, I believe it directly This person is reliable, you should try Wow, this is not good Holy shit, I'm not lying, I'm not pretending But this is good Pingu tried

I tried, I tried, I tried Come try me, I try why it's good Shit, I can not believe it turned out Well, this is a good thing Good thing this is a lie The best hot dog of the year 2561 2018 Next year, we will not try again

For the next two years we will try Help you two years ahead If so, this is the video guys like it please be sure to give I lift up my finger and share this video Let your friends do the homework

Because i really do not lie So I see you guys in the next video [Music] You [Music]

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