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Confetti Rice Salad – Food Wishes



hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with confetti rice salad that's right we're doing a delicious easy and beautiful summer side salad inspired by everybody's favorite tiny pieces of colored paper and just like actual confetti falling on people makes any occasion seem more festive this delicious dish will do the exact same thing for your next cookout or picnic plus with this stuff there's a much better chance it does not get stuck in your hair unless of course you're seated next to me but anyway let's go ahead and get started and if you want to make a perfect rice salad the first thing we have to do is make some perfect rice and to do that we will add a couple cups of long grain white rice to this casserole dish and then to that we will add some salt as well as a couple tablespoons of olive oil or if you want melted butter for this procedure they will work the same and then what we'll do is get in there with a freakishly small wooden spoon and stir this until we're sure every single grain of rice is coated with that oil and by the way in the business this is referred to as the pilaf method and it is by far the easiest and most foolproof method of cooking rice there is so if you're one of these people that cannot make a decent pot of rice this is the method for you and then what we'll do as soon as our rice has been thoroughly lubricated is pouring exactly three cups of boiling water or any boiling liquid by the way or if you wanted to use chicken broth for this or vegetable broth go ahead and then once that's in will very carefully give it the old shake a shaker just to make sure all that rice is settled evenly at which point we will cover this very carefully but very tightly with foil okay so take your time and make sure you get a nice seal and once we do that is now ready to transfer into the center of a 350 degree oven for exactly 35 minutes at which point we can go ahead and pull it out and then do absolutely nothing for 10 minutes all right just let it sit there covered and that residual heat inside is going to finish cooking the rice perfectly so no peeking please and then what we'll do after exactly 10 minutes is carefully unwrap it and proceed to give it the old fork and fluff and the first part of that is simply going underneath with your fork and basically turning everything over which is going to release most of the heat and then what we'll do when that's all sort of been turned over and broken up is switch to working it with the tip of the fork until pretty much any and all large clumps have disappeared and if everything goes according to plan once we're done we should have perfectly fluffy rice where pretty much every grain is separate but there's still enough starchiness on the surface where if we press some with our fingers that would stick together in a clump so this really is absolutely perfect and even if you never make a rye salad in your life you really should remember this technique the next time you want perfect rice and then all we need to do before we can use this in our salad is let it cool down to almost room temperature all right we don't want it hot but just barely warm is fine and while we're waiting for that to cool of course we can go ahead and prep our vegetables and almost all of mine are going to be raw except for some green beans which we will briefly blanch and then slice as well as some carrots which I'm going to cut into some thin sticks before we cook them and we will start by trimming off those tops and of course since we're doing a confetti salad we want things really small and geometrically speaking the smaller we make our sticks the smaller our dice will be and right here you can see some actual real-life chef indecision as I was like should I cut those again yeah no maybe yeah now in case you care actually did go back and cut those in half but anyway we'll go ahead and prep our raw veggies for blanching which as usual will do in some boiling water that's been well salted has been very well salted and once that is boiling we'll go ahead and add our veggies and cook those for just two to three minutes so really we're not actually cooking these we are just taking off that slightly bitter Rodge and then what we'll do after about two and a half minutes is transfer those into some cold water which will slow down all those molecules and prevent any further cooking and if you're thinking I would have done this step first and then use this boiling vegetable water for my rice that is a pretty good thought to have and I probably should have had that thought too but anyway after we let those veggies sit in the cold water for a few minutes we'll go ahead and drain those at which point they are ready to dice up and as I mention because we're calling this confetti salad we want to slice these nice and small and as I was doing this I was thinking to myself you know who always complains about how hard and time-consuming it is to diced vegetables people that don't cook and actually never do this and the people you never hear complain about this kind of thing are the people that cook a lot and realize this is way faster and easier than people think and of course the more often you do it the faster and easier it gets so not only is this a beautiful and delicious salad it's also a great excuse to practice some of those knife skills so that hopefully you can understand what I was just talking about it really is not that hard but anyway once our veggies are prepped and our rice is cooled down we can transfer that into a large mixing bowl and add the rest of the ingredients which for me will be some green peas that I freshly thawed along with our recently diced carrots and beans and then I went with two different kinds of onions some thinly sliced green onions as well as some finely diced red onions and then we will finish up with a whole bunch of sweet red and orange bell pepper although if you wanted somehow pepper would work as well and that's it we'll go ahead and season this up with a generous amount of salt as well as a little bit of pepper cayenne to be exact and then as far as the dressing goes I'm just gonna go with some sherry vinegar as well as some relatively mild and buttery olive oil and then once that's in we'll go ahead and give this a very thorough mixing and I should mention what we just added there's only roughly two-thirds of the amount of oil and vinegar we're gonna put in okay what I like to do is toss it with this much now and then let it sit in the fridge soaking all that in and then we'll go ahead and add the rest of the dressing before we serve it so that's my system if you want to go ahead and add the entire amount be my guest I mean you are after all the Lawrence Ferlinghetti of this beautiful rice confetti but I really think adding some now and some later is the best way to go and that's it once we have that all mixed up we'll go ahead and cover with some plastic and then let it sit in the fridge for anywhere between four hours or an entire day and that's gonna give our rice plenty of time to soak in all that deliciousness and then four hours to a day later we'll go ahead and pull it out and pull off the plastic and go in for a taste which we want to do right in the middle all the way to the bottom and at this point it almost always needs some more salt so I toss them in as well as we will add the rest of our oil in vinegar and as I said I'm using sherry vinegar but if you wanted something a little sweeter rice vinegar is also fantastic in this and then last but not least I like to finish this off with some fresh herbs in particular some freshly chopped dill as well as some Italian parsley and that's it we'll go ahead and mix all this together and then go in from the last official final taste and do not be afraid to add even a little more salt and or dressing right the only way to screw this salad up would be to under sult it or under dress it alright the only thing that should be underdressed at a cookout is you so we will give that a final check and then transfer it into maybe a little nicer Bowl and possibly top it with a few sliced green onions and that's it our confetti rice salad is done and ready to enjoy and for a starch-based salad this is surprisingly light which reminds me I was pretty generous with the veggies but you could easily put in twice as much or cut the amount of rice in half and actually have something that's more of a vegetable salad and if you wanted to make this even harder you could add things like some fresh corn kernels or even some drained and rinsed black beans in one tip here don't be afraid to put this out on the table ahead of time since I think it actually has a better taste and texture if it warms up a little bit and if you happen to be wondering why I keep fixing those holes I make when I take a bite that's in case somebody walks in and we don't want them to know we've been eating out of the bowl check it out the perfect crime but anyway that's it what we're calling confetti rice salad don't get me wrong I love potato salad and macaroni salad in fact if someone handed me a cheeseburger once in a while I could pretty much live on those but every once in a while I do crave a change of pace from those typical summer side salads and this is one of my favorites which is why I really do hope you give this a try soon so head over to food vs comm for all the ingredient amounts of more info as usual and as always enjoy you

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