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Cook Carp – How to kill and cook carp – Carp survival recipe



Hit the carp strong on the head with a blunt object Draw gills and fish are instantly dead Use knife and open fish belly Use a sharp knife 🙂 Now make disemboweling

Cut the fish by the spine and make a filet Keep the fish filet with ribs and scales they will keep the fish together Proceed slowly and carefully The bones are very sharp Remove the spine in fish, will baked perfectly

It's a bit heavy, but you have time Slowly drive your blade over fish bones Clean the inside of the fish in the water Remove the fins Put the fish on such a bump And tie the end so that it does not fall

Or place the fish in this clip Fish will not get out of hand Or place the fish in this clip Fish will not get out of hand Timber fork to stick in ground and place the fish

If you want the fish to be salty and spice Bake the fish slightly outside the fire and roll down the scales After a while, turn and dry the other side of the fish After ten minutes Approximately fifteen minutes later Now, keep the fish brown over the hot wood coal After twenty minutes the fish is done Inside, is amazing juicy Enjoy your meal Thanks for likes and subscription

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