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Cook Multiple Things at Once in Instant Pot | Pot in Pot Explained



hi I'm Urvashi and my blog is TwoSleeverscom and I am going to show you how to use your instant pot to do pot in pot cooking which is gonna open up a whole new huge big magic delicious world for you

So I did a video on this two years ago the lighting was absolutely crap and I talked for too long so we're gonna do this again and I'm gonna explain how this works okay you should trust me because I actually know what I'm doing for instant pot cooking I have three instant pot cookbooks is in podcast and easy kiddo instant pot Indian instant pot all authorized by instant pot and actually all bestsellers here's how pot impact coding works so a pressure cooker as you know typically what you would do is you would put your food in here and you would cook it and you would cook one dish at a time so you might make a stew you might make some kind of a butter chicken maybe however there is a way to be able to cook more than one dish at the same time in the pressure cooker and that's what's called pot mtar cooking why would you bother so let me give you the basics of how you do this the basics of how you do this is you take this pot you put a couple of cups or maybe a cup and a half of water in the set in the center here because that water as it heats is gonna create steam that steam is gonna create pressure that pressure is what's going to reduce the boiling point of water and that's how you cook your food is gonna cook faster now in power pot cooking what you would do is you would put either water or food at the bottom you would then get a trivet or a steamer rack and put that on here and then we would put food in another pot in here many times this food and the smaller pot will also have water so let me give you an example of when you would and would not use water in this pot if you are making something that absorbs water such as anything starchy potatoes pasta rice beans and at the very least those things absorb water so you want for example you couldn't just put rice in here without putting water in here you would want it to be able to steam on the other hand if you're making something really fast like fish or vegetables those things would be able to be cooked with just steaming so think of this forget about the pressure cooker for a minute just think about the stuff that you can steam and the stuff that you can't steam what's happening in here is essentially easy there or it's cooking so if it's an item that on the stovetop you wouldn't put water to steam you do not have to put water in here to steam it if it's an item that on the stovetop you put you would put water to cook it you probably need the water in here that's a good way to remember there are four reasons at least that I know of why you would do this one is because as I mentioned earlier you can cook multiple things at the same time you can make butter treat them at the bottom you can make her rice on top you can make beans at the bottom and then you could make potentially brown rice on the top so there's a variety of things that you can mix and match and that allows you to cook two things at the same time the second reason that you would want to do that is to slow down cooking now I know you bought that instant pot or pressure cooker because you wanted to speed up cooking why would you want to slow it down the only reason you will want to slow it down is because you were trying to cook two different items together I'm gonna explain that the third reason for using pot and pot cooking is because if effectively works like a de-facto water bath if you've ever cooked something in the oven in a water bath like a cheesecake or a custard we can talk more about that in half a minute and then the other reason that you might want to do that is because you might be cooking or quote baking something that doesn't have a lot of water in it and you want to steam a custard or you want to steam a cake what kind of things can you cook at the same time well typically you can cook things at the same time that have roughly the same amount of cooking time so for example the butter chicken recipe that I have it takes about ten minutes to cook the chicken well if you were cooking rice by itself in the pot the rice would take four minutes to cook because you are elevating it you're removing it from the direct source of heat at the bottom it's gonna slow down the cooking and that rice which would ordinarily have taken four or five minutes now can be left in there for ten minutes same thing with dal if you're making lentils the lentils might take about five or six or seven or eight minutes if you put rice on top that can cook in about five minutes now instantly you realize that you cannot for example cook brown rice which takes 22 minutes and fish which takes maybe two minutes those things can't go well together so when you're trying to decide what can go together look at the thing that takes the longest cooking time and look at the thing that takes the shortest cooking time and say are they close enough okay now four minutes to 10 minutes on rice you know it's not that big a deal two minutes to twenty two minutes it's a big deal some of this is gonna come with practice some of this is gonna come from following recipe so let me give you some examples of what can be cooked together I have a chicken biryani recipe where we're cooking you know rice and chicken at the same time the way I manage that is by cutting the chicken into small bites so you could do the same thing here some things will naturally cook at the same time together like for example you know like I'm interned earlier butter chicken and rice or fish and I'm steamed vegetables steamed broccoli those things will cook in approximately the same times other things you can force them to cook in approximately the same time by chopping up the longest cooking item into smaller bits so for example if you're wanting to steam a potato at the st you know what you want to make mashed potatoes you want to steam the potato at the same time as you boil eggs well eggs that's not gonna do how many different ways there are to make it but let's say the eggs take five minutes of potato a whole potato might take ten minutes you might at that point chop up the potato into smaller bits so you can make things kind of come close but certain things you would never be able to cook like chickpeas that might take 20 minutes with fish that's gonna take two minutes so fine items are cooking about the same time and those can be cooked together so you can cook white rice and lentils together you can cook potato cubes and eggs together as an example you can cook white rice and plain lentils together you can cook brown rice and beans together as long as the beans are soaked at Severns so here's just some guidelines for mugo together what won't go together is for example whole chicken and rice okay one takes 20-30 minutes the other one takes two minutes not gonna happen white rice and chickpeas whole potatoes and broccoli things I take a different amount of time are not gonna happen together so again trying to find good recipes that will show you how to do it on my blog to see what calm try the butter chicken with rice you can try the butter chicken with cauliflower rice there's a pressure cooker rice and dal there's a pressure cooker chana dal dal and rice you can try those things at the same time when you are making any of the fish recipes steamed fish that ginger Chinese ginger steamed scallion fish you can make rice at the same time as long as you put the rice in the bottom and the fish on top so here's an important principle in order

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